Women’s History Month – The daily evergreen


New content creators for inspiration; Check out the recommendations for hobbies


No matter what hobby you indulge in, there are plenty of content creators to help you get started.

Women’s History Month is filled with opportunities to learn from the past and celebrate our future. Here are some content creators for different hobbies and activities. Find one you like and follow it!

Disclaimer: Many of the content creators use both she/her and she/them as pronouns. Please be respectful!




If you love crochet and extremely unique pieces, look no further. Knottygirlthreads is a fashion artist experimenting with chains, charms and crochet.




One of my favorite cooks, Subtle Asian Baking, creates masterpieces that are easy to recreate in your own home.

Well known for their colorful milk breads, they come in all colors, shapes and designs – even with cute frogs!!

Fitness sport:



Juliana is a member of the USA National Weightlifting Team and an Olympic lifter that I have followed for the past five years. She fought and persevered; She is now an advocate for Athlete Ally, a group that aims to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ athletes.




Based in New York, clothing brand Nissa New York is almost entirely handmade. They range in size from 2XS to 2XL and have gone viral on Tik Tok for various extravagant yet classy garments they have made. You’ll often find flaky colors on a chic two-piece suit or fun patterns on flared trousers.

(Tick Tock)


As a Tik Tok creator posting fashion outfits and expressions, her videos have moved beyond mainstream fashion to showcase different style genres in plus size clothing.




A photographer from Los Angeles, Maya Gorman, experiments with color in her photo shoots. Her style is recognizable by a pronounced negative space and vibrant color theory.

Digital art:

(Tick Tock)


Best known for the “Armin Veronica” trend, this content creator dropped out of college to pursue art full-time. Her art style is unique and edgy, it has a vibrant sheen without being overbearing.




A Navajo/Diné cosplayer who gained massive traction after cosplaying Katara (Avatar the Last Airbender) by using his own native jewelry as a substitute for Katara’s famous necklace. She uses her necklace in others as well cosplay from anime to American cartoons to personal projects.

To dance:

(Tick Tock)


Gabriela Ramirez from the Tri-Cities is a ballet-folklórico dancer who shares dances from the Jalisco region of Mexico.

The dresses are colorful and the dances full of style and flair.


Widely known for her K-Pop dance covers and original dance videos, Isabel Jones is conquering the dance community with her stylish outfits and sassy flair.


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