Woman designs and knits her own wedding dress in 6 weeks for $400


Spurred on by her wedding Datum, a Finnish knitwear designer and YouTuber chose her a dress literally in their own hands. She designed a delicate knit and crochet design and set to work to create a masterpiece.

Veronika Lindberg from Helsinki, Finland, who goes by the name Kika, shares her talent for knitting on YouTube channel. She told The Epoch Times all about her “pretty crazy project”.

“It was all very spontaneous, we didn’t have that much time to plan,” Lindberg said, referring to the inspiration behind her wedding dress. “At first I thought it would be too stressful to make my own wedding dress. I also thought if I ordered it it would take so long…then I started thinking, ‘Maybe I should just make it myself. I’m a designer, knitting is what I do!’”

Veronika Lindberg wears her knitted wedding dress. (Courtesy of Jukka Heino)

It took Lindberg a few days to sketch, design and look for inspiration. She knew she wanted the dress to have long sleeves and a square neckline. However, for the rest of the design, she said, “I saw how it would work, and then I kind of designed it over time.”

She ordered 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) of 100% silk thread from Denmark and began sewing her dress, starting at the top and taking inspiration from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible book for lace patterns.

Epoch Times photo
Veronika Lindberg is knitting her wedding dress. (Courtesy of Veronica Lindberg)

Their project was not without its challenges.

When she first completed her bodice with the sleeves, she realized it was too big. So she had to rip it apart and redo one day’s work.

“It was a really frustrating moment,” Lindberg said. But after finishing the top of her dress, she abandoned her “plan B” to buy a backup in case hers went wrong.

Epoch Times photo
A closeup of Veronica Lindberg’s dress shows off her sleeves. (Courtesy of Jukka Heino)

Next, figuring out the skirt part was another challenge.

“I wanted movement and a nice case,” she said. “My original plan was to crochet that too, [but] eventually I realized [the crochet] was too bulky, so it didn’t have that movement…I was like, ‘This isn’t going to work,’ and then I decided, ‘Okay, I have to knit the whole skirt!’”

Lindberg estimates that it took her almost four out of the six weeks to do the skirt alone.

Epoch Times photo
A closeup of Veronica’s dress shows off her skirt. (Courtesy of Jukka Heino)

At the same time that Lindberg was knitting her dress, she and her fiancé were in the process of moving and planning the wedding.

A week before the wedding, when she had almost finished her entire dress, she made a “mistake” and immediately decided to rip off part of her rope and start over.

“I was like, ‘Oh, I just want to be done now,'” she said. “That was maybe the hardest part, [to] just keep going.”

The knitting expert also used a trick to relieve tension in the yarn caused by cross-stitches: she soaked the lace in water to make it softer. “The pattern will usually blossom; It’ll lay nicer and flatter so you can see the texture better,” she said. Lindberg also hand-made panties to wear underneath to make the dress less see-through.

Epoch Times photo
(Courtesy of Veronica Lindberg)

Lindberg’s fiancee had been somewhat skeptical from the start, and her sister compounded the sense of panic by calling often to check on the tailoring’s progress. But in the end both were impressed that Lindberg made it.

All told, Lindberg believes her dress took 200 hours to knit in 45 days and cost almost $400. She tried on her finished dress for the first time four days before tying the knot in the backyard of the couple’s brand new home on November 10, 2021.

“I didn’t know what that was going to look like until I finished the dress and tried it on,” she said. “But it felt very, very beautiful and very special.”

Lindberg shared her entire tailoring process Instagram and youtube. Many friends and family members had only seen the dress online prior to the big day.

“On the wedding day, everyone came up to me and said, ‘Oh, that’s the dress!’ and wanted to look at it and feel it.”

Epoch Times photo
(Courtesy of Jukka Heino)

While the stretchy knit made Lindberg’s dress “very comfortable,” she noted an amusing detail about the heavy garment throughout the day. “During the day it’s probably grown an inch or two! At the end of the night the skirt was completely dirty. It was kind of funny,” she said.

Epoch Times photo
Veronica Lindberg with her husband on their wedding day. (Courtesy of Jonas Kukkonen)

Lindberg, who has lived in London since 2018, moved to Finland in 2020 at the start of the pandemic and met her husband that same summer. They fell in love and got engaged in November 2020.

Planning a wedding was difficult given the social distancing restrictions, and when the couple finally closed a house, they decided to make their housewarming their wedding as well.

Lindberg described the day as “fairly informal…a bit bohemian and romantic” with music, dancing and a food truck with a giant pizza oven to feed the assembled crowd. Lindberg did her makeup and wore flowers in her hair, while her husband wore pants and suspenders.

She also left her phone away so she could enjoy the day with friends and family.

Epoch Times photo
(Courtesy of Jonas Kukkonen)

Since knitting her own wedding dress, Lindberg has continued to make YouTube videos about knitting, digital photography classes, and social media. She also published one Book to knitting patterns. With the success of her wedding dress, she is also considering adding more large knitting projects to her repertoire.

“That was something I was really excited about,” she told The Epoch Times. “I haven’t done any other YouTube videos for five weeks because that’s just my focus…but I feel like I’ve learned that when I really put my mind to a higher quality project, I really push myself.” . ”

Lindberg’s “mission” is to show people that knitting can be high fashion, and with a dream, a pattern, and a little determination, anyone can make a piece of clothing runway-ready or wedding-ready.

Watch the video:

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