Why Molly’s 90 Day Fiancé Hawaiian Vacation Outfits Shock Fans


Molly Hopkins soaked up the sun during her Hawaii vacation and wowed 90 Day Fiancé fans with her bold fashion choice along the way.

Molly Hopkins has shown off some shocking looks 90 day fiance admire fans during their vacation in Hawaii. After first appearing on 90 day fiance Season 5 with her now ex-husband Luis Mendez, fans knew right away their relationship wasn’t going to last. The pair fought constantly and fans were excited to see Molly with her new husband, Kelly Brown 90 days: The single life. Molly and Kelly are still going strong despite their long haul.


Now Molly has become a fan favorite pillow talk alongside her equally entertaining best friend and business partner, Cynthia Deck. The lingerie business owner isn’t shy about showing off her body and fans love that about her. Being in the fashion industry, Molly has fans expecting a lot from her wardrobe, which includes bright colors and bold patterns that reflect her bubbly personality. When she went on a tropical vacation with her two daughters, 90 days fiance Fans were already expecting some revealing outfits and Molly wasn’t disappointed.

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90 Day Fiancee Molly Hopkins and her daughters wear white

​​​​​​Molly and her eldest daughter, Olivia Hopkins, have come a long way in their relationship 90DF Fans are thrilled that Molly and Olivia have reconciled and are now going on holiday together. In the joint Instagram post by Olivia and Molly, all three women were adorned with white dresses. Molly wore a white floor-length crochet dress paired with wedges, white earrings and a matching lei. They wrote in the caption: “Hawaii has been good to us.” Fans gave Molly lots of love for the shocking outfit, but also had some questions about it 90 day fiance Personality.

Molly Hopkins 90 Day Fiancé Wedding Dress

90 day fiance Fans were shocked by Molly’s tasteful all-white outfit. After embarking on a weight loss journey, Molly looked happier than ever and full of confidence. The post has over 23,000 likes and hundreds of comments complimenting how stylish they looked. Not only were fans blown away by the trendy white dress, but they single-handedly sparked rumors that Molly might be getting married in Hawaii.

The classy white dress wowed fans, but many had questions about what it meant. Some 90 day fiance Fans think it has to do with Molly’s relationship with Kelly, which has gone strong ever since 90 days: The single life Season 1. With white often being the color of wedding dresses, fans wonder if Molly went to Hawaii for a family vacation or a clandestine getaway. Fans are hoping for Molly to have wedding bells ringing in the future and hope they got a little sneak peek of her in white with this sweet family post.

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Source: Molly Hopkins/Instagram


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