Who is in Shark Tank on September 30th? Full company list inside!


shark tank Season 14 began with a live premiere. Next up on September 30 will be four more companies and hopeful entrepreneurs taking their chance in the tank Stealth Bros & Co., turbo trusser, banana phone and woobes under.

Stealth Bros & Co.

(ABC/Christopher Willard) BRAXTON FLEMING

Braxton Fleming created Stealth Bros & Co. The company makes stylish medical kits for people who need injections for whatever reason. Diabetes, hormones, etc. can benefit from a discreet, modern and easy way to use and then dispose of their needles and medical supplies. This is what Braxton products offer in fun colors such as blue, green or orange and cool patterns. Each kit has a place to store needles, medicine vials, sharps and more.

Where to follow: Instagram @stealthbrosco

Where to buy: Amazon or official website

turbo trusser

Turbo Tresser on SHARK TANK

turbo trusser was founded by Brian Halasinski and Kirk Hyust. Their product is a stainless steel tray designed to cook poultry more evenly, resulting in better presentation. The trusser works in/on ovens, smokers, roasters, grills, rotisseries and fryers. The clever slogan “Just hook it and cook it” conveys ease of use, while the decorated chicken or turkey design adds a bit of fun. Since launching in late 2021, the Turbo Trusser is available at 80 retailers (including Walmart) across the US and Canada.

Where to follow: Instagram @turbo_trusser

Where to buy: Amazon or official website

banana phone

Banana Phone on SHARK TANK

banana phone was created by Max Brown and Brian Brunsing. The yellow-colored banana-shaped device is paired with your smartphone. Multi-function buttons allow you to play songs, reject or answer calls, and access your phone’s contact list. What started as a successful $45,000 IndieGoGo campaign is now a popular selling product on Amazon and their website. Max and Brian donate 1% of sales to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas, an organization that protects endangered gorillas in Congo.

Where to follow: Instagram @bananaphone.io

Where to buy: Amazon or official website


Woobles on SHARK TANK

Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu created woobes, a crochet kit that anyone can use to learn to knit. The duo started with a $200 investment and has grown from that to $5 million in 2 years. Featuring fun animals like bunnies, penguins, foxes and bears, it’s no wonder these sets have become popular with crocheters. Prices range from $25 to $100 and there are also different levels like beginner and intermediate.

Where to follow: Instagram @thewoobles

Where to buy: Amazon or official website

Watch the brand new episode of shark tank ventilation September 30 at 8 p.m on ABC to see how these companies fared in the tank. You can also stream the episode the next day on demand or on Hulu.


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