What sets the unique Takomo golf clubs apart from all other manufacturers on the market?


Golf is not for everyone! At least that’s what the majority of people would think after knowing how much the equipment costs. But what if someone offers affordable racquets without compromising on quality?

Takomo Golf currently offers the most affordable yet highest quality golf clubs on the market. “We forged performance and design into golf clubs that everyone can use and be proud of” Read the description of the brand about yourself.


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According to the Takomo team, they sell the racquets at an affordable price because they take the direct-to-customer approach. “We never skimp on quality and design”, they added. “But we’ve found ways to cut corners where it’s valuable to you.”

Everything you need to know about Takomo Golf Clubs

The 101 is the first model launched by the brand. According to the company description, the hollow body design provides additional ball speed. Meanwhile, the longer blade length helps with missed hits.

The 101 is considered the lighter racket and gives good distance. The company recommends it for amateurs and casual golfers who don’t have good handicaps.

The 201 is the second product the company released shortly after the first. The blade length and width are smaller compared to the 101 irons. It is a perfect design for golfers with good ball flight control.


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Aside from the specs, two of them are also stylistically perfect. And best of all, the Takomo golf clubs come at a great price. The 4-iron 431 carbon steel 101 muscle-back iron set is available for $459 plus $50 US shipping, while the 201, made from S20C steel, is available for $589 plus shipping. The price for it is much lower compared to the other big brands.

The evolution of the Takomo brand

Klopal co-founder and CEO Sebastian Haapahovi is co-founder of Takomo Golf Company. He recognized the gap in the market and their design was an idea to make affordable irons for everyone.

Haapahovi has experience in building online platforms in the past. It has helped him develop online marketing straight from business to consumer, making it more affordable.


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The 101 and 201 were a hit in the market immediately upon their release and soon sold out. However, it is currently out of stock. You can buy the 101 and the 201 from their company’s website.

Since it is an online platform, the golfers cannot test it before purchasing. It’s a major disadvantage of irons. However, according to Haapahovi, they are trying to work with local club fitters so consumers can try before they buy.


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