US robot maker pays 1.5 crore to claim rights for a “kind and friendly” human face


An American tech company called Promobot is looking for a face for its next humanoid robot. The person’s face will be used for the robot’s appearance in public places such as hotels, shopping malls and airports across North America and the Middle East from 2023, The Daily Mail reported. The person who gives up the right to their face for human-looking robots will receive an amount of £ 150,000.

‘Kind and kind’ human face for the robot’s appearance

According to the report, the robot manufacturer is looking for a “kind and friendly” face to be reproduced in the form of a robot face. The company has announced that they will be open to applications of all races and genders. The company intends to have a real face for how the robot looks rather than having a computer generated face. The robots from the US robot developer Promobot are already in use in 43 countries.

Promobot has stated that their company is developing technologies in facial recognition, speech recognition, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence and other areas of robotics. Allegedly, the company has been manufacturing robots and launching them on the market since 2019. In the latest campaign, the company mentioned that its new customers want to start a major project and need a license for a new robot presence.

For its latest campaign, the tech company is looking for someone with a “kind and kind face” and is ready to pay £ 150,000 to make a robot look like a human. According to the Daily Mail report, the robot was commissioned by an unnamed U.S. company and the robots will be used in crowded locations such as airports, shopping malls and retail stores in North America and the Middle East. The robot with new appearance is expected to start its activities in 2023 and the face of the selected person will become the appearance of the robot.

Image: Unsplash / Representative


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