Upcoming Community Ed/Rec Programs for 13/01-20/01 | training


To enroll in Community Education & Recreation courses, visit.oregonsd.org/community.

There are after-school and recreational opportunities for all ages available to the Oregon community. The courses are all held in person at various locations including schools and companies.

Questions about Community Education & Recreation? Call 608-835-4097 or email [email protected]

YEL floor hockey

Grades 2-4

Thu 13.01.-03.03



Get your pulse racing with our new, fast-paced floor hockey course! Develop your basic racket handling, shooting and teamwork skills. Safety and sportsmanship are emphasized every week. Floor hockey sticks and an indoor puck are used. Taught by Youth Enrichment League staff.

chess grandmaster 1

Class K-4

Thu 13.01.-03.03



New and returning students are invited. Our winter session focuses on intermediate and advanced concepts. We will keep students engaged through more than 60 chess lessons and thousands of puzzles as well as guided games and tournaments in class. Course fee included ChessKid.com membership for the session. Taught by Youth Enrichment League staff.

Oregon Drumming Ensemble

Grades 5-8

Thu 13.01.-07.04



Explore the music of different cultures by playing them on drums, ukuleles, xylophones and more! Students learn how to play music by following the Ghanaian style of teaching. This course will also build important communication, listening and collaborative teamwork skills, as well as respect for others. There will be a performance at the conclusion of the session on Tuesday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Forest Edge Elementary School Gymnasium. Taught by Megan Wiemann.

Mindfulness Basics

From 18 years

Thu 13.01.-10.02



We will explore meditation techniques, mindful movement, compassionate communication, gratitude and other contemplative practices that promote inner wellbeing and resilience. New and experienced practitioners welcome! Update an existing practice, complement previous learning, or begin your mindfulness journey! Taught by Kelly Petrie.

Gentle Yoga: Stability & Balance

From 18 years

Thu 13.01.-10.02

11 a.m. to noon


With gentle and encouraged guidance, students will explore yoga postures and other essential exercises designed to activate and strengthen the stabilizing muscles for improved balance and functional mobility. All levels of experience are welcome, including those new to yoga. It’s never too early or too late to work on improving your balance! This course is for everyone! Taught by Kelly Petrie

play and learn

Ages 0-4 with caregiver

Fri 14.01.-18.02

8:30-10:30 am

Join us for free play, circle time, craft projects and more in a fun, relaxed environment where children learn math, literacy and social skills through play and caregivers learn about child development, the importance of play and parenting skills. For children up to 4 years and their caregivers. Brooke Bee teaches.

taste of mindfulness

Class K-12

Fri 14.1


Tue 18.1

6-7:15 p.m


Young people also experience stress, especially in challenging times. Grouped by grade level, these unique workshops provide students with simple tools and techniques to help them navigate life’s ups and downs with greater resilience and ease. A variety of meaningful, engaging and age-appropriate activities will be part of the 75-minute experience, including a hands-on hands-on project to process and integrate learning. This course takes place at the Maitri Center for Mindful Living; This is an inclusive space where all abilities and identities are wholeheartedly welcomed. Taught by Kelly Petrie.

YEL junior basketball

Class K-2

Fri 14.1.-4.2



Basics and fun on the course! The focus is on basic skills, developing dribbling, shooting, passing, sportsmanship and teamwork. This is a high octane class with an inclusive atmosphere. But hurry, the shot clock is ticking! Taught by Youth Enrichment League staff.

valentine gnomes

Ages 14+ (ages 5+ with parent/guardian)

Tue 18.1

6-7:30 p.m


Do you love these cute gnomes? Make two different sized gnomes for display. All materials included. They choose the patterns for Valentine’s hats. This class can be for a caregiver/child (5+) to do the gnomes together, or for someone over 14 to do alone! We’re going to use a glue gun. Taught by Patty Fitzgerald.

Junior Van Gogh’s

Class K-6

Wed 19.1. AND 26.1



Let’s put on our artists’ hats and create some amazing images! Develop your artistic skills with this step-by-step drawing course where we create a NEW DESIGN EVERY TIME, so keep signing up! All supplies included. Taught by Tina Mancusi.

Introduction to the Ukulele

Age 5-10

Wed 19.01.-16.02



A ukulele group class for kids interested in trying out the ukulele! A new ukulele is included in the course fee! Every week students learn new chords and songs! This course takes place at the Academy of Sound. Taught by Academy of Sound.

Charcoal Portraiture

From 16 years

Wed 19.01.-23.02



Join local artist Leon Barrett in this new art class to explore the world of charcoal art! Learn basic charcoal techniques to render a human face entirely from photographic references. Participants must bring their own material. A materials list will be sent before the course begins. Taught by Leon Barrett.

Strengthen families – It’s about love and boundaries

Parents AND children in grades 5-8

Wed 19.01.-23.02



Adolescents prepare for the teenage years, learning to deal with frustration and developing peer resistance skills. Parents learn how to set workable family rules and expectations, set boundaries while showing love and support and encouraging positive behavior! Child care for younger siblings possible. Family dinner included every week! Taught by OSD staff. There is no cost for this course, but registration is required.

Basics of Independence

14 years and older

Thu 20.01.-26.05

6-7:30 p.m


Youth and adults with intellectual disabilities or autism are invited to join us for a lively evening of discussions, activities and more once a month! We will cook something, work on life skills like shopping and money and socialize. DATES AND TIMES MAY VARY. Taught by Elisa Ried and Laura Bero.

Crochet Scrubbie

From 13 years

Thu 20.1



Have you ever been interested in learning to crochet? Look no further! Join Shirley Duerst in this beginner’s class to learn how to crochet by doing a scrubbie! All supplies included. Taught by Shirley Durst.


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