Unavailability of stone hits wet grinder manufacturers in Coimbatore


The almost six months of unavailability of stones affects the wet grinder manufacturers.

Coimbatore is the main grinding machine manufacturing center in the country.

R. Soundarakumar, President of the Coimbatore Wet Grinder and Accessory Manufacturers Association, said the Coimbatore wet grinder manufacturers, who ship not only within the state but also to other states, require about 30,000 stones per month. Those who make bench top wet grinders get the stones from Namakkal and those who make ordinary and commercial grinding machines get the stones from Uthukuli. But the quarries in Uthukuli have been closed for almost half a year and the matter is on trial. Therefore, the manufacturers cannot obtain stones from the quarries in Uthukuli here. Not only the wet grinder manufacturers are struggling. Some stone grinder manufacturers in the unorganized sector are also unable to continue their business.

Some now source stones from quarries near Edayarpalayam. However, these are not high quality stones like Uthukuli’s and the volume is not much. “A large number of units have been closed for the past six months because of this issue,” he said. The loss is estimated at 200 crore to ₹ 300 crore and shipments to other cities and states from the wet grinding units here have stalled.

The association had also taken up the topic at the state government.

Paneerselvam, a manufacturer of wet grinders here, said some manufacturers would reuse the stones. Fresh stones are not available and manufacturers have been particularly hard hit in the last two months. “Almost 40% of the manufacturers here make the ordinary wet grinders and all of these units are affected,” he said.


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