Two girls from Srinagar started their online shop to keep alive the ancient tradition of crocheting and knitting


Srinagar, July 30: To revitalize crocheting and knitting, two Srinagar girls have opened their online shop to keep the ancient tradition alive.

Omaira and Benish founded Craft World Kashmir – an online store for crochet booties, bags, suits, keychains, knitted winter wear, crocheted elastics, wall hangings and bridal sets.

They started this online store with Facebook and Instagram pages and their business is growing day by day.

“We are reviving the old tradition of knitted and crocheted products. We bring a modern twist to our traditional knit and crochet products. Our customers come from all over the world. They love our products,” they said.

16 employees are currently working with them.

“Fortunately, we didn’t have to invest large sums of money in our new company at the beginning. With the help of our well-wishers, we simply displayed our creative designs of traditional crochet or Koeraishi products on our online sites,” said Omaira.

After receiving good response from online media, the talented couple started receiving orders from different places across India.

“We have received orders from Bangalore, Delhi, Jammu, Mumbai and other states and countries. We built a good network of clients within months of starting my business while only working part-time,” the duo said.

After passing Post Graduation in Sociology from IGNOU. Both friends worked for some time in a private school.

Not so happy with the job, the two turned their art and craft hobby into a successful business.

They order raw material from outside as they have difficulty getting the colors and material here as per the requirement.

“We had concerns about the material. At first I was very nervous and thought my customers would disappear after the first purchase,” said Beenish.

The duo created various unique and traditional designs, reaching as many people as possible at an affordable price.

“We treat our customers with respect and make it easy for them to order the product. We use quality material. Our products are very creative and unique,” ​​said Omaira.

They first knit wool or other materials using a special needle or technique called crocheting.

But now they have added handmade crochet jewelry which is trendiest in Kashmir.

“This jewelry is mainly seen in Pakistan. It’s the first time we have presented such floral jewelry designs for the brides here and we’re getting good response and orders,” she said.

In the past, knitted and crocheted designs were mostly seen in every household. The women knitted various garments and other useful items. But through the efforts of these young girls, crochet design in Kashmir has made a comeback with unique and creative designs.

Both girls learned the beautiful traditional art from Youtube. They work together to design the products and later distribute their work.

“Both Youtube and the internet helped us. We learned most of the designs from Youtube, but we add more creativity to improve the aesthetics of our products, Beenish said.


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