Trilliant continues expansion in Asia Pacific and begins production in Malaysia


SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE). . In addition, the company has reached a major milestone in smart meter deployment in Asia Pacific with more than 3.5 million smart meters currently installed and operational, with millions more planned.

“We are pleased that manufacturing efforts have now begun in Malaysia,” said Andrew C. White, Trilliant Chairman and CEO. “The facility will be a key hub for the APAC region and improve delivery time for our valued customers. Our production process is managed by dedicated, experienced engineers who adhere to the highest standards of quality control and compliance. Trilliant is proud to call these products ‘Made in Malaysia’ and we look forward to supporting the creation of additional high-tech jobs and enhancing local know-how.”

The manufacturing team will focus on the Trilliant Communications Module (TCM) and the Trilliant Street Light Controller. Local production will not only shorten delivery cycles, but also lead to CO2e reductions in manufacturing and shipping processes, as Trilliant supplies products to local customers across the region, among others. In Malaysia alone, around 119 tons of CO2e will be saved over the next three years.

The presence in the region continues to grow

In addition to new manufacturing activities, Trilliant has achieved a milestone with the launch of smart meters in India and Malaysia, a result of the company’s continued commitment to the region, extensive industry experience and proven solutions. Customers benefit from Trilliant’s flexible systems that work with any application and are open for easy integration with a wide range of devices and applications. The recent expansion into Thailand will see the deployment of Trilliant technology to help utility companies offer their customers more reliable access to electricity.

The company plans to deploy an additional seven million meters in the Asia-Pacific region through local partnerships over the next three years.

Trilliant continues to build on its innovation and growth strategy to serve customers in Asia Pacific and globally.

About Trilliant

Trilliant® equips the global energy industry with the only device-agnostic communications platform that enables utilities and cities to securely and reliably deliver any application on a single high-performance network. Our purpose-built portfolio is designed to offer freedom of choice without the risk of locking customers into one technology provider. We’re proud to offer mission-critical solutions that power AMI, data and analytics, smart grids, and smart cities. Customers worldwide benefit from Trilliant’s unique combination of flexibility, sustainability and scalability, connecting utilities and cities to IIOT and a more strategic energy transition path. visit us in


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