Treat yourself to these SAILOR MOON items just in time for the 30th anniversary


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2022 is a special year for Sailor Moon fans as it marks the 30th anniversary of the popular anime/manga series. So if you’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic Sailor Moon You’re not alone lately. love for Sailor Moon is in the air right now and we’re all looking back at our favorite magical girls – Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn and the rest of the gang – currently with an extra dose of nostalgic fondness. We all love Sailor Moon and its message of friendship and empowerment, and we want to share our love of the series with the rest of the world.

So what do we do when we love? Sailor Moon and want everyone else to know about it? Well, let’s buy some sweet ones Sailor Moon things of course. From clothing to bookmarks to home decor and jewelry, there are so many different ways to express your love Sailor Moon. Here are some of the cute, beautiful, and funny ones Sailor Moon Items available for purchase on Etsy just in time Sailor Moon30th anniversary.

These Sailor Moon bookmarks are a no-brainer for bookworms Sailor Moon Fan. For $5, choose your favorite Sailor Senshi – Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, or Sailor Venus. Or you can get all five for $24.

Sailor Moon LED light

Do you fight evil by moonlight? Or will you win love with this Sailor Moon LED neon light? Why not both? $332

Sailor Moon yells at the cat needle

If you love your memes and love you Sailor Moon, let everyone know with this cute pin: Sailor Moon roars at cats. You can even choose to have Sailor Moon yell at Luna or Sailor Moon at Artemis. $10

Sailor Moon blanket

Who among us hasn’t envied Sailor Moon’s snuggly looking blanket with the cute bunny, stars and moon print? Now you can get one of your own and sleep as restfully as the queen of naps herself, Usagi. $25-56

Sailor Moon tea

Of course if you love sailormoon, you will love it Sailor Moon–inspired tea. You can buy the entire tea collection and taste Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. $17-34

Sailor Moon Funk Pop figure with six pink bars of vegan Sailor Moon soap

Check out this adorable vegan soap from Sailor Moon. All four inner senshi are represented by their colors in the stars. The moon represents Sailor Moon herself. And of course there’s Luna! Get this citrus and bonsai scented soap for $12.

Tuxedo Rose Candle

LunaBunCreations has some nice ones Sailor Moon– inspired candles to choose from, but may I suggest Tuxedo’s Rose, the Etsy shop’s Tuxedo Mask-inspired candle? This candle has beautiful rose and glitter details and is scented with bergamot and cedarwood. Also check out Moon Prism and Serenity Garden. $29

Sailor Meow Mug

What would do Sailor Moon even better? If Sailor Moon and his friends were all cats. Check out this super cute Sailor Meow mug where that dream comes true! $17

Sailor Moon crochet hat

While the weather is still cold, this will keep you warm Sailor Moon–inspired crochet hat. Usagi would love to wear this casual crochet hat and you will too! $38

Sailor Moon Vaporwave T Shirts

Who is your favorite of all Sailor Senshi? Let everyone know with these Sailor Moon Vaporwave T-Shirts. Or if you have a few favorites, you can always get more than one! Available in multiple colors. $27

hand-painted Sailor Moon sneakers

This hand painted Sailor Moon Sneakers are a super unique way to show your fandom love. Choose from a Sailor Moon, Queen Serenity, or Chibi Moon design. $87

Sailor Moon Crystal Star Inspired Necklace

As a child you may have dreamed of having a crystal star pendant just like Sailor Moon’s brooch. Well here is a gorgeous handmade necklace version that is dainty and totally appropriate to wear as an adult. $17

Do you need more Sailor Moon Stuff? Check out these over 50 Sailor Moon Enamel Pens. Or if you need a break from all that shopping, take this quiz to find out what Sailor Moon character you are.


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