The Orions Fall Festival craft show is filling up


After going without the Orion Fall Festival for a year due to the pandemic, sellers and their customers are eagerly awaiting the festival’s 2021 arts and crafts exhibition, which includes a flea market, antiques, and direct sales.

The arts and crafts exhibition is open on Friday, September 3rd, from 5pm to 9pm; Saturday, September 4, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, September 5, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Central Park.

From Tuesday, August 24th, the providers will be offering seat reservations:

• Kay Bartley, Kay’s Creations.

• Behnken concessions, The Almond Hut.

• Rene Bramlett, Bramlett Produce, Peaches and other items.

• Beverly Brown, Purple Rose.

• Vicki Brown and Sara Nett, always a farm girl.

• Fallon Bush, paparazzi.

• Cathleen box, towels, washcloths, crocheted tea towels, placemats, table runners, potato cones, soup warmers, baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths and shoes.

• Ellen Christiansen, handmade hot and cold therapy packs, sports memorabilia, jewelry, vintage items and doily baskets.

• Tim Crownover, TC Kettle Corn Factory.

• Jackie DeMeyer, soaps, lotions and bath bombs.

• Kim Dietz, Scentsy.

• Heather Doxstader, Touchstone crystal from Swarovski Jewelry.

• Hope Essary, Neora Skin Care, Hair Care, Wellness, and Weight Management.

• Faith Family Church, Orion, Church information.

• Amy Gentry, fancy nails.

• Kimberly Gerling, crocheted towels, hats, board racks and shutters.

• Gaylene Gilbert, pumpkins, lights, wind chimes, bowls.

• Richard Glancey, 777 Hot Sauce Company, hot and other sauces.

• Tianna Herrick, handmade soap, body care (perfumes, moisturizers, bath bombs).

• Wendy Holmes, Wellness CBD Products, Essential Oils, Hair Care Products.

• Luann Kaffenberger, biscuits, fudge, sweetbreads, crocheted towels and angels.

• Sharon Kelsey Knott, hand-molded beads and pendants.

• Susan Krumdiek, melted glass and decorative pumpkins.

• Jennifer Mayes and Mary Turner, bath and beauty line from Pure Romance.

• Ashley Minard, Mary Kay.

• June Minard, Tupperware.

• Chris Munson, Woodworks flags, crosses, rocking chairs for children.

• Nanas Pleasures, biscuits and other baked goods.

• Pure and Simple Systems, Rainbow Store.

• Jeremy Reed, garlic.

• Ken Rice, woodworker.

• Debra Schutz-Hahn, Farbenstrasse.

• Joy Smith, needlework, paper and sewing projects.

• Nancy Smith and Betty Blade, garden stakes, shutters and fall decorations.

• Deborah Snave, hooded kitchen and bath towels, trash can covers.

• Alicia Sparks, Usborne Books.

• Talia Spiker, handmade treats, accessories and toys for dogs.

• Jeanie Sprangler, dip mixes.

• Jolene Stotler, Avon Independent Representative.

• Kathy VerCautren, Watkins Products.

• David Wilbur, honey.

The festival does not allow the sale or display of weapons and also prohibits printed matter with profanity.

The south side of 12th Avenue along Central Park is reserved for sellers while they unload and load their items.


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