The knitting trends for fall 2022 to know ahead of the sweater weather


If you’re tired of the summer heatwaves and constant sweating, rejoice: sweater weather is upon us. You’ll soon be wearing that nubbed cable-knit sweater you love because it exudes Chris Evans knife out Vibes or the decade-old crew neck that’s the Goldilocks piece of your wardrobe. (It’s not too tight, not too loose – it fits you Yuust right.) However, with the exciting and innovative knitwear trends coming Fall 2022, you might want to consider adding a few new silhouettes to your range. Some of the styles and aesthetics that are meant to be popular will feel fairly familiar (yes, crochet continues to be an industry favorite), but others are refreshingly new.

Do you remember the weird girl aesthetic? Mostly promoting individualism, this whimsical trend will bleed into fall and bring unique approaches to knitwear. Meet Terrie Isaac, Creative Director at Trendhub, a department of fashion consultancy BDA London to explain: “Overall, knitwear will take on a more expressive look and feel in Autumn 2022 as personal style takes center stage and a no-rules approach emerges.” Things to expect? “Plays with proportions, disruptive, body-hugging seams and necklines that continue to accentuate and in some cases distort the body,” she spells out to TZR via email.

Vika Masalova, founder of up-and-coming year-old brand V4K, knows a thing or two about unique knitwear. The Moscow-based label offers delicate and extremely worn pieces, all hand-knitted by Masalova herself – a process she admits is “very long and meticulous”. She explains more via email: “I started knitting because I saw these holes in my head and I knew only I could help bring them to life with V4K. [Distressing] may look careless to some, but to me it shows that the owner of the piece is an open and brave individual who doesn’t care what other people think of them. And with V4K, I hope to inspire people to just be themselves!”

However, if you’d rather not bother with out-of-town knitwear and prefer to stick with the classics, Isaac says there are plenty of timeless and classic styles too. “The continuation of the knitted dress in combinations and dresses is still an important seasonal driver,” says the trend researcher. Neutral hues, Isaac adds, are also rife this fall (which should be good news for those who don’t care about current “ugly” color trends).

Below is a more in-depth breakdown of fall 2022 knitwear trends, more insights from fashion insiders and an edit to shop too. Sweater season, here you come.

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Craftcore prevails!

“We can already see new versions of crochet emerging,” explains Isaac. Lindsey Smecker, director at ESP Trendlab, a New York City-based trend forecasting agency, agrees. “Expect handmade crochet looks with upcycled yarns and patchwork elements that derive from a macro theme of ‘craftivism’. Crochet is also great for accessories like handbags and hats,” she says, imploring you to “check out @ultraviolhat as seen on influencers like Matilda Djerf.”

But the trend doesn’t start and end with crochet. “Fall 2022 will also see even more creative and artisan-inspired knitwear, with lace stitches, openwork, intarsia and highly textured yarns gaining prominence,” describes Isaac.

Avant apocalypse

“There’s a ‘dystopian’ theme that’s taking hold for Fall/Winter,” explains Isaac, referencing the ongoing avant-apocalypse trend you might have originally heard about on TikTok earlier this year. “These pieces will feature exposed raw edges, heathered finishes, and an overall distressed look in earthy neutrals, inky darks, and blacks.” Masalova’s work embodies this end-of-the-world aesthetic perfectly, with her choice of dusty color palettes and over-the-top distressing that each piece makes it look like it just barely survived a fight.

Despite the trend’s admittedly quirky nature, both Isaac and Masalova cite it as surprisingly wearable. “I love how distressed knits can work with simple clothing or something elegant. It’s always about the owner,” says the V4K founder, imploring you to shape dystopian pieces at your discretion. Isaac adds that layering is a key technique when playing around with apocalyptic knitwear. “Layerable open-weave dresses will be key styling pieces as layering trends rise. We also see the continued importance of cropped and short styles worn over longer fabrics,” says the trend forecaster.

Sultry sweater

For the uninitiated, you live in a new era of sexy dressing. Fashion in 2022 has taken a pretty exciting turn – think revealing necklines, form-fitting silhouettes and details that accentuate the female figure à la designer Karoline Vitto. And Smecker says this sultry theme involves knitwear, and she encourages you to look for “head-to-toe knitwear with figure-hugging fits and maxi dresses in classic neutral colors” that possess a sensual feel. “An evolution of the corset trend is the bra-cup sweater silhouette,” she explains, predicting that the perennial romantic favorite will manifest itself in the colder weather seasons.

Extra fuzz

Smecker calls out “novel knitwear made from brushed yarns and mohair” as another fall trend that emphasizes a unique look. Additionally, she cites “textures ideal for cocooning pieces” and fuzzy styles that also manifest in “abstract prints.” Experimental knitwear brand AGR, for example, has become a cult favorite among indie label hounds for its brushed technique that creates an effect akin to static electricity.

A little pizzazz never hurts

Smecker says you’ll see a “return in glamor with embellished knitwear featuring sequins, beads, crystals or feather details.” And she expects the topic zhuzhed-Up knit to also elevate your cozy attire at home, in a trend she calls “elevated loungewear.” Look for simple sweatpants and tops with “added subtle metallics in mini sequins or lurex.”

Conversation Start Colors

“We’ve seen a shift in knitwear from primarily bright dopamine dressing to a more fluorescent, neon-based palette with colorful leopard and zebra prints,” shares Isaac. However, Smecker adds that saturated hues are still trending and you should expect to see “bold, statement stripes” and “abstract prints” — It-girl-loved knitwear brand Hope Macaulay is a prime source for both.


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