The business alliance led by Hiwin intends to advance intelligent manufacturing technology


A business alliance dedicated to the advancement of intelligent manufacturing technology was established yesterday, led by Hiwin Technologies Corp (上銀科技).

The alliance would lead Taiwan’s machine tool industry into intelligent transformation, starting with upgrading spare parts, components and accessories for various types of machine tools, said Hiwin Technologies chairman Chuo Wen-heng (卓文恒).

The alliance consists of 30 machine tool manufacturers, including Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co (台中精機), Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co (台灣瀧澤) and Tongtai Machine and Tool Co (東台精機).

Photo: CNA

All members have adopted intelligent ball screw technology for use in machine tool manufacturing, Hiwin said.

Ball screws translate rotary motion into linear motion and are a key component of precision machinery.

Intelligent ball screws can add value to the machine tool industry and help Taiwan’s machine industry make intelligent transformation, Chuo said.

Intelligent ball screws are equipped with sensors to detect signals related to the physical characteristics of ball screws in operation and can monitor many machines at the same time, reducing downtime.

Using them can help reduce the use of lubricants, which is good for the environment, Hiwin Technologies said.

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