The best smart shirts for special occasions


Chances are, after two years of canceled meetings and uncertain plans, you’re a little rusty in getting dressed for anything other than sweatpants or your favorite jeans. It’s not something to be ashamed of, we are too. But like a phoenix from the fire, the constant suppression of great events has only aroused in us the desire for the beautiful things. Whether we have the events or not, we wear chic shirts and nobody can do anything.

From relaxed fits of Our legacy to unorthodox, distinctive iterations of Le17September, our selection of the best smart shirts from GAME FASHION proves that there is a shirt for every occasion this season. This in turn proves that there is no reason not to bag a handful of them and start your own shirt rotation.

Also, as strange as it may seem at the moment, the world will – one day – be back to normal, we think. And if it does, you will not regret fighting this fire BODE crochet.

Shop the best smart shirts for the holiday season below.


The layered shirt by Le17Septembre is inspired by industrial workwear and gives the rugged style a sophisticated, bespoke touch. Details such as the grandad collar and the slightly dropped shoulders ensure that the shirt remains stylish.

SS Daley

Geometric print shirt

SS Daley’s elegant collections are inspired by the history of the British aristocracy. Patterns in abundance and dramatic cuts combine to create a traditional and at the same time absolutely irreverent style.

Our legacy

Bouclé shirt

This short-sleeved shirt by Our Legacy, made of soft bouclé, bears the reluctance that is typical of the brand. Texture is all the rage here, turning a simple white shirt into something bold that anchors your fits.


Shirt with gathered stripes

In the hands of CdG, even the classic striped shirt gets a complete facelift. Contrasting diagonal ruffles on the front break the uniformity of the striped background into a kind of optical illusion. The gathers break any hint of over-formalism, resulting in a refreshing take on dressing.


Crochet shirt

This 19th century lace flounce-style BODE shirt

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Shirt with drawing print

The young British designer Charles Jeffrey Loverboy names nightlife and punk as two central inspirations for his work. That shows off really well in this devastated, strapless version of a white poplin shirt.

Wales Bonner

Gabriel shirt

Grace Wales Bonner masterfully shapes the traditional white collar shirt into something much more interesting. The crisp blue torso remains, but slightly oversized cuffs and an enlarged collar provide the characteristic 1970s feeling of Wales Bonner.


Striped shirt

Poplin made from a silk blend adds an elegant touch to this striped shirt by Commas. An open Cuban collar and a breast pocket complement the material for a more casual look with shirts.


Shirt with flower application

Looking smart doesn’t mean looking boring. Jacquemus offers a vibrant pink cotton blend and floral details to give this shirt its signature sunny optimism.

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