The Aycliffe manufacturer invests in the Tallent Academy for employees


A manufacturer of CAR parts is investing in a new academy that offers a space for the well-being of the employees and focuses on the qualification of the employees as well as their future trainees.

Gestamp has invested in the Tallent Academy, a 400-square-meter facility located next to the Newton Aycliffe factory.

The company, which makes chassis and body components for most major vehicle manufacturers, will include research and development capabilities, robotic cells, specialized welding stations, tooling facilities, a medical area, physiotherapy suites, consultation rooms and an “R&R” feeling zone in the academy .

Gestamp says it will open the new development to support groups, while other companies can also use the facility to train their employees.

Jonathan Phillips, Company Plant Manager, said: “We want to provide a world class training and research facility to support Gestamp UK’s operational and strategic goals.

“By investing in the wellbeing of our people, facilities and future technologies, we want to create a lean, agile and flexible facility that provides a safe and sustainable location where people can grow and influence our overall plant efficiency across all key performance indicators.

“Our employees are the architects of our success. The strengthening of this facility is therefore an extremely positive step for the company. ”

The idea behind Gestamp’s Tallamp Academy was launched six years ago and has already been used for training purposes.

During this time, more than 470 trainees have completed their training there in various areas, including technology, manufacturing, processing, welding and manufacturing, printing and quality.

Gestamp has created a training planner for the company that focuses on specific areas including HSE, cranes, logistics, quality, welding, technology, leadership, administration and training.

The further development of the academy will also help Gestamp Aycliffe promote the personal and professional development of its employees.


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