The 6 best iPhone apps for knitting and crochet enthusiasts


Knitting and crocheting is quite a niche hobby these days. Hobbies that can be practiced purely with the hands seem to have been detached from the advent of smartphones. But in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just as there are apps for adult coloring book and artist communities, there are also apps for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts.

1. LoveCrafts knitting

LoveCrafts Knitting is a sleek, responsive app that keeps things simple and allows you to save your patterns in one place. After logging in, you can connect the app to your LoveCrafts and Ravelry account to import your patterns.

You can also download a number of samples from the Free samples Tab.

When you open a design, there are various drawing supplies on the screen that you can use to cross out sections of the completed design. With the marker, Highlighter, or eraser, You can keep track even if you come back to it weeks later, and you can Remarks for more help with a specific pattern.

The app also has one counter to help you keep track of where you are in the pattern. To add a social element, LoveCrafts has a section for photos where you can upload ready-made patterns and view photos from other users of the pattern.

Download: LoveCrafts Knitting for iOS (Free)

2. Bellish

Bellish is extremely helpful for knitting and crochet enthusiasts who love to create their own patterns. With a modern, user-friendly design, Bellish makes it quick and easy to create and download patterns – with detailed filters that allow each pattern.

The app currently has two tabs: discovery and My designs. With Discovery, you can have different types of Ornaments, Yarns, and clotheswhile you also click on the Yarn business. My Designs contains all of the designs you’ve created, and that’s where the essence of Bellish comes in.

Creating a design is easy – you will be through the base, Options (which offer expanded design details), Ornaments, yarn, size, and so on. By grouping different aspects of the designs, Bellish makes creating patterns easy regardless of your skill level.

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A social aspect of the app would be a great update, but Bellish, while a bit naked, offers a lot of value to the knitting and crochet community.

Download: Bellish for iOS (free)

3. Knitting genius

Counting can get a little tricky if you are regularly distracted. A knitter or crochet knitter’s best friend, Knitting Genius has a counter so you never forget where you are in a pattern.

You can choose patterns based on difficulty, height, gender, etc. and the app will show you a number of lines to use for the specific project. The app also has Tutorials, and a Community Section to connect you with other knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

You can use the … Swatch adapter to enter the measurements for the stitches and rows of a particular garment, which can be especially useful in ensuring that the fabric of your garment is simulated as closely as possible.

Beginners will get a lot out of this app, but more experienced knitters and crocheters will also benefit if they are constantly disturbed while working on a project. Its counter functions and integration into social networks make Knitting Genius a complete asset for knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

Download: Knitting genius for iOS | Android (free)

4. knitCompanion

With knitCompanion you can import your sewing patterns either from Ravelry or Dropbox and convert them to PDF format in the app. Once you get that specific pattern you are ready to use it counter and markerthat help you to keep track of where you are.

The design is not as elegant as some of the other featured apps, but the simple import and export function and the in-app counter and marker make it a useful companion app for knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

The affordable premium model allows for more features like in-app note-taking and more PDF customization.

Download: knitCompanion for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Knitting Chart

Knitting Chart is a fun, comprehensive app with some useful features. You can import patterns from files on your device or your iCloud Drive – for saving or editing. When creating a project, you can Draw a diagram, get a simple one Row counter, Import PDF, or Draw a free-form diagram.

The app offers you various settings that you can enter when creating a chart: size settings, number of columns and rows, and more. The sheer number of functions for the newly created diagram is impressive.

The diagram that the app gets its name for is easy to use, if a bit overwhelming at first. You have a choice of knitting symbols, hidden row counters and much more. The point is that the app has everything you need for a knitting chart, you just have to be ready for lots of tabs and lots of sections.

The Premium section has more tools, but the free version of the app is completely comprehensive while you get to grips with the layout. While it isn’t as friendly and quick as Bellish or LoveCrafts Knitting, it is unreserved in its offerings.

Download: Knitting Chart for iOS (Free, Subscription Available)

6. Vogue knitting

While Vogue Knitting’s brick and mortar stores had some difficulties over the past year, the app offers a lot of information and entertainment for knitting and crochet enthusiasts.

It contains current episodes of Vogue Knitting Podcast, news, Resources for knittersand advertising for Events. You have that too Magazines available for purchase in the app with an available subscription.

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Vogue Knitting isn’t as helpful or as helpful as the other apps on this list, but it does give you a sense of community. The resources are helpful for beginners and the podcasts feel upbeat and chatty. Vogue Knitting introduces you to new techniques and ideas and offers a community add-on for your hobby.

Download: Vogue Knitting for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Needle in the thread pile

Knitting and crocheting can be made easier with these apps, so you can automate many of the more tedious aspects of the hobby. Knitting Genius and Vogue Knitting offer a sense of community, connect with other enthusiasts and discover the techniques and creations of others.

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