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R.Oyale tours are always a source of excitement, not only because of the interesting places and fun engagements, but also because of the extraordinary moments. This summer, Royal Central looks back on some of the best tour fashion moments in years.

The state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to the United Kingdom, which took place October 23-24, 2018, provided royal observers with some wonderful photo opportunities, including a particularly epic tiara moment.

After their trip, the royal couple posted on Twitter: “Many thanks to Queen Elizabeth and her family for the warm welcome. The ties between our kingdoms have always been and will remain strong in the future. It was a wonderful state visit! – WA and Maxima “

Our team takes a look at their favorite looks on this special tour.

Kristin Contino, chief reporter

This was a short tour but a really fun one in terms of fashion. I always love to see what Máxima can come up with and she did not disappoint during her stay in London.

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The blushed skirt suit she wore when she was officially greeted by the Queen in Great Britain was so elegant. Designer Claes Iversen’s outfit exuded a ladylike vintage vibe (with the fringe it felt very Chanel to me) and it worked particularly well with her wide headband in a matching fabric. I’m always a huge fan of brooches, and Máxima wowed with one of their favorites, diamonds and pink stones that are believed to be kunzite.

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I couldn’t miss a moment of tiara without a mention, and Máxima brought out a whopper for the state banquet at Buckingham Palace: the Stuart tiara. Her blue ombre dress with a sheer cape-style overlay was certainly stunning, but the diamonds stole the show, especially since we’d first seen her in all its glory.

It was a fitting choice for her visit to the UK as the 39.75 carat Stuart Diamond originally belonged to the Englishmen William III and Mary II and eventually ended up in the Netherlands. Although she had worn the smaller, modified version of the tiara without the Stuart Diamond on a previous royal visit to Luxembourg, royal watchers were thrilled when Queen Máxima brought the entire piece out. It really takes a certain personality to be able to pull this look off without making it feel overwhelming, and Máxima wore it with flying colors.

Lydia Starbuck, Associate Editor

For our insight into Queen Máxima’s state visit style for 2018, I opted for two looks from her time in Luxembourg in May of this year. Let’s start at the very beginning, with the sunny yellow dress she chose for her arrival.

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The silk design comes from one of her favorite fashion houses, Natan. It is a masterpiece of simplicity with a very Máxima touch, this huge flower arrangement on one shoulder. The three-quarter sleeves also give it its very own touch – Máxima has chosen crochet gloves in the right color to match this gaudy outfit. The hat is by Fabienne Delvigne and underlines the striking silhouette. This, to me, is an elegant example of that old royal adage – dress so everyone can see you.

My second choice is an absolute Máxima favorite, the red Valentino Cape dress.

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Máxima has worn this several times, and it has another appearance at a concert by the King and Queen of the Netherlands to thank their hosts for their hospitality. There is nothing that cannot be loved about this dress that suits Máxima perfectly. The bold color, the soft but dramatic shape, and the flow work perfectly.

Jess Ilse, Senior Royal Reporter & Editorial Assistant

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I carry Lydia’s coverage of Máxima’s wardrobe in Luxembourg piggyback. This stunning canary yellow dress is sublime, and such Maxima! One thing you can never blame Máxima for is boring clothes. She is always ready to play with colors and patterns and wear the most dramatic creations. This one-shoulder dress immediately draws attention, especially surrounded by the quieter fashions of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie. It’s so perfect, Máxima.

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And now I’m piggybacking Kristin because of it can not exaggerate how splendidly Queen Máxima viewed the State Banquet during her visit to the United Kingdom. This is maybe my favorite Máxima fashion moment of all time!

Brittani Barger, deputy editor

When the King and Queen made their state visit to the United Kingdom in 2018, one of the most breathtaking looks Máxima wore was the bright pink coat dress by Oscar de la Renta on the Thames in London with the Earl and Countess of Wessex and the Duke of Kent . The bright pink dress was adorned with black flowers and she wore a matching black hat and shoes. The Queen can do almost any look, but something about the bright pink really made her shine that day. She had also worn the outfit earlier in the day when she and the Earl of Wessex attended the UK-Netherlands Innovation Showcase.

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Máxima mixes up her outfits; she doesn’t always wear coat dresses, dress pants, or skirts. She finds the right balance to wear all three styles at different events. I really liked her view of Belval and Vianden Castle on her state visit to Luxembourg. She wore a stunning neutral blouse and pants. It also had a more metallic jacket that went perfectly with it.

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