SPES, a hair care product manufacturer in Korea, plans to penetrate more diverse global markets


An important ingredient in SPES hair care products is the snowflake mushroom. It is rich in calcium and is rich in plant-based collagen and moisture, which are not only good for skin beauty, but also nourish the scalp and hair roots, and help maintain healthy hair.

In clinical tests, HAU Hairpack from SPES has been shown to improve cuticles by 24.3%, hair volume by 7.81% and hair shine by 5.84%. It enables users to keep their hair healthy and shiny even at home. As it contains highly concentrated protein, it can also be used as a high concentration daily care hair serum.

HAU Mango Shampoo from SPES improves hair shine and has an excellent effect on elasticity and moisture. It contains natural ingredients that have anti-dandruff properties and promote and protect hair growth. It is a product that prevents hair damage, makes hair volume rich, strengthens hair and promotes nutrition and growth with natural ingredients of mango.

SPES also offers other Derma Hair Care products. Clean Green Shampoo improves dead skin cells on the scalp and has an excellent cleaning effect on fine dusts. In addition, the Hair Nutrition Serum makes our scalp healthy with black therapy and prevents split ends.

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