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Many fashion brands claim to be sustainable, but there is no real consensus on what it means to be truly sustainable in fashion. Some brands use recycled materials and others promote resale programs. But these practices alone are not enough to counteract “greenwashing”, which is defined as an environmentally friendly public image without transparent facts. Doing your own research is the key. Certain websites can assist you with this in your shopping spree, including good on youthat creates brand ratings by price points based on designer production methods.

We’ve narrowed down a list of nine labels – Abacaxi, PH5, bassike, Loti, HanifaCollina Strada, Lisa Folaviyo, hope for flowers by Tracy Reese and Marrakech – who are looking for ways to improve their sustainability efforts even further in 2022.

Most of these brands are run by founders and creative directors who make small batches of bespoke clothing to avoid overproduction and waste. These brands maintain work environments that reflect their priorities (think solar-powered buildings and materials, and machinery that is not outsourced).

The designers here come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but they all share a mission to work to improve industry standards. Some brands, like PH5, even send out sustainability reports year after year so buyers can directly track their progress.

Be sure to check out the sustainable information POPSUGAR has exclusively shared on what to expect from these labels, and shop a standout piece from each now.


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