Quilted and patchwork jackets that will remind you of your grandma but in a cool way


It is important to note that many of these “quilted jackets” sold today are not actually made like a real quilt is. Traditional quilts take hundreds of hours to make, they are assembled with patchwork and carefully pinned with other layers of fabric. The jacket I got from Target, for example, is all cotton stamped with a quilted pattern (but at $30, I feel great about it). However, other jackets on the market are actually made out of patchwork and quilting and that explains why they usually cost a lot more. Basically, all of these jackets look like you’re wearing a blanket from grandma’s house – but in a cool way.

After purchasing the Target jacket and doing some more research, I realized that these quilted patterns and general patchwork jackets were taking over. From real handcrafted coats to stylized quilted jackets, we’ve rounded up the best quilted and patchwork jackets so you can find your own without asking an intimidatingly well-dressed person on the internet.

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