Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Crochet Froakie Animation


A Pokemon fan makes an adorable animation with the water-type pocket monster Froakie from Pokemon X and Y in the form of a crochet doll.

Pokemon Fans have been creating artwork based on the series for years. Gamers love to show their love for the franchise through their art, which makes for truly impressive pieces. There are a variety of different art forms that have been used by players, from paintings of Pokemon to custom figurines.

A medium that was used Pokemon Artwork is crocheted. A number of talented artists have made crochet dolls of the various pocket monsters, creating cute works for many to enjoy. one Pokemon Fan even created an animation with a water-type creature in a crochet shape.


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A Redditor named Kooale325 posted a short clip of an animation they made Pokemon X and Y Starter Frakie. In the video, the pocket monster can be seen in crochet form, with two huge glass beads serving as eyes. The video shows the creature appearing to be startled by something off-camera and then rubbing its cheek. The animation is short but well done and quite endearing. Kooale325 writes that while they haven’t made a clip like this for a long time, gamers can look forward to more Pokemon animations

Kooale325’s Froakie animation has garnered quite a few fans. One commenter said the video was amazing and asked for more. One user mentioned that the clip seemed scarier than it was meant to be, and another responded that while the animation was scary, it was also cute. Another Redditor commented on the Void staring back in the video but also said it was amazing work. Some fans might agree that Froakie’s giant glass eyes are a little spooky, but it’s still cute and enjoyable for many Pokemon Lover.

Kooale325 is just an artist making crochet projects based on Game Freak’s series. A Redditor named 1UpAshe posted a picture of a crocheted doll they made from the Pokemon Lechonk. The piece does a great job of capturing aspects of the Pig Pokémon, including its plump body, pink nose, and the yellow tears that come from its eyes. The user’s profile states that he has a lot of experience making crocheted plushies based on pocket monsters, with his Instagram and website showing their latest projects. 1UpAshe also offers free patterns for others to follow to make their own dolls. The crocheted lechonk is cute and a nice project for gamers to try while waiting for release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th for the Nintendo Switch.

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