Mom’s Crochet Halloween Costumes are both adorable and terrifying


Ohio Mom’s Handmade Crochet Halloween Costumes are proving popular with fans of the spooky holiday season.

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend around $10.6 billion celebrating Halloween this year, with costumes accounting for a significant portion of that spending.

However, they have to find a way to surpass the efforts of mother-of-four Stephanie Pokorny, who has caught the eye on social media thanks to a series of handmade costumes inspired by movies like ghostbusters and Stephen King’s It.

Pokorny attracted a lot of attention after several pictures of a crochet extraterrestrial Costumes she made for her young son were shared on Twitter by Matthew A Mullins.

The Alien from Alien is a fan favorite online. The mother’s costumes are proving popular online.
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The images were retweeted over 18,000 times and received 124,000 likes.

However, fans quickly discovered that the Alien costume was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Pokorny’s talents, with other highlights including a predator costume and ET

Pokorny told Newsweek that she first got into crocheting after learning from her grandmother when she was 16.

“She made little blankets for our local Veterans Hospital and she taught me how to do it,” she said. “I was out of practice for a while, but when I got pregnant with my first son, mommy mode kicked in and I wanted to do a few things for him.”

What started as a hobby has grown into something of a passion for Pokorny, who runs a website, Crochetverse, that offers tutorials, product reviews and challenges, and an Etsy shop that sells some of her wares.

Pennywise from Stephen King's IT.
Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT. All Halloween costumes shown on her social media channels are strictly non-sellable and remain exclusively for her four boys.
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Unfortunately, all of the Halloween costumes featured on her social media channels are not for sale and remain solely for her four boys.

Pokorny tells news week The costumes have become something of a family tradition and serve a practical purpose, aside from being flashy, to say the least.

“We live where it’s always pretty cold on Halloween,” she said. “So many kids end up having to wear coats over their costumes. But so far these are the perfect warmth when you put on pajamas underneath and they’re really comfortable, like wearing a blanket.”

She said she started making them for her kids when they were little and couldn’t really tell her what to dress up as for Halloween.

“It quickly became a tradition where they decided what they wanted to be and then I tried to bring their idea to life,” Pokorny said.

The homemade 'Predator' outfit.
The homemade ‘Predator’ outfit. She describes the alien costume from the viral tweet as a “crowd favourite.”
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Recent challenges have included creating a banana-style Fornite skin (“It was a real challenge getting rough edges using yarn as a medium, which is so naturally soft”), but the busy mom said she always gets another buzz when she sees them “Try it and be so excited.”

She describes the alien costume featured in the viral tweet as a “crowd favorite” and estimates it took between “60 to 80 hours” to create.

“Slimer from Ghostbusters is my personal favorite, maybe because my favorite color is green, but also because I just love his face,” she said. “My youngest picked this up and when he wore it and trotted down the street it was adorable!”

A crocheted slimer from 'Ghostbusters'.
A crocheted slimer from ‘Ghostbusters’. Stephanie Pokorny created the costumes for her children.
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The costumes aren’t just reserved for Halloween either.

“The guys wear them everywhere,” Pokorny said. “Come down the stairs sometimes in January because Slimer and I love it. One of my sons wore the Predator to the park. They also wore them to comic conventions.”

Offering advice for anyone who might be tempted to take up crocheting after seeing her work, Pokorny said the key to getting started is “to begin with, be okay with being bad”.

ET the extraterrestrial.
ET the extraterrestrial. Stephanie Pokorny created the costumes for her children.
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“You never finish learning. I’m still coming back to things I did last year and I think I know how to do better now. The good thing is now that there are almost infinite teachers, places like YouTube are willing and willing to help.”

A selection of crochet Halloween costumes.
A selection of crochet Halloween costumes. Stephanie Pokorny created the costumes for her children.
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