Mom crochet custom dolls in 18 skin tones and 9 hairstyles


The art of crochet combines the talent of skilled hands with the love in the heart of the maker. This love is shared in every stitch and comes together to create beautiful things such as: hatsblankets and even dolls.

Tammy Blunte, an El Paso, Texas mom who loves to crochet, understands how important it is for children to see themselves in their dolls. Her company Tammy B Creations specializes in custom made crochet dolls that can currently be made in 18 different skin tones and nine hairstyles.

Here is a picture of her with her dolls that she posted on her Facebook page:

Blunte grew up in Trinidad and told Yahoo! As a little girl, she always had to play with white dolls throughout her life.

“I could never find anyone who looked like me,” she shared in the interview. “It was quite difficult to find a black doll. And when you [did] Find a black doll, it has never been an afrocentric hairstyle. It was never the right skin tone. The representative was not there.”

When Blunte started crocheting dolls as a hobby, she made sure to offer a variety of skin and hair options. In 2015, the mother of four began sharing her hand-sewn dolls on her Instagram account. Followers flocked to her page and left so many positive comments that the handyman was shocked. And that’s when she realized she could have a business right in the palm of her hand.

“After making my first color doll, I realized that no one else makes them.” Blunte told Southern Living.

Inspired by the amazing feedback, Blunte founded Tammy B. Creations, a website where customers can browse pre-made dolls with a rainbow of skin tones available. People can also place a custom order through the website to have Blunte crochet the doll of their dreams. This allows you Select Skin tone, hair color and hairstyles such as loose curls and cornrows for the 18″ to 21″ dolls.

Here’s a set of sisters she created as part of a custom order:

You can send in a photo and she will use her creative talents to create a miniature version of the person in the photo. She will order material from Africa and other countries to recreate cultural clothing, and can customize shoes, eye color, hairstyles, and even accessories like glasses, hearing aids, and more.

Check out this video Blunte posted on TikTok showing a custom doll she made in nursing gear:

“Clients send in their photos and I try to capture them in puppet form.” Blunte tells Sforeign living. “This is special for those who need confidence and/or have a disability and need to know that they are loved by having something that looks like themselves.”

Dolls range in price from $150 to $250 and have a production time of 3 to 6 weeks. The Crocheter takes five custom orders at the beginning of each month and is currently booked through May 1st.

She also created a doll with lavender hair which was posted on her Facebook page:

She told Yahoo! Life experiencing the children’s reactions to receiving the dolls on a personal level is “what keeps me going”.

“To say, ‘Okay, this doll is my skin color and she looks like me,’ those are the words — ‘just like me’ — I love to hear,” Blunte said.

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