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Whatever your style, a change of season requires a change of wardrobe. There are proven fall staples – like flannel, and ankle booties light jackets– but there are also trends that come and go every year.

This fall’s hottest fashion trends include roomy wide-leg jeans, airy midi dresses, and chunky combat boots, which can be found at popular retailers like Shein, Madewell, and Nordstrom.

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1. Cycling shorts

The bike short trend can easily roll into autumn.

Cycling shorts have made a big comeback in the last year, both for active use and everyday wear. Combined with a sweater or jacket (that’s a shirt jacket), they can help you bridge the gap between the heat of summer and the cooler autumn days.

One of the authors on Reviewed owns three pairs of these from Aerie – the short version of the viral TikTok leggings– and says these are the most comfortable cycling shorts she owns. If luxury is what you’re looking for, high-end activewear brand Bandier is a top choice among celebs and influencers.

2. Wide pants

When it comes to denim this fall, the wider the pants, the better.

According to the fashion forward, thin Jeans are out this year. We’re not quite ready to throw our thigh-hugging pants just yet, but we are here for the latest denim hype: wide-leg jeans. Spacious and comfortable, they’re a stylish way to work together and still feel like you’re in sweatpants.

Madewell, famous for its denim, offers a variety of wide leg options in different washes, lengths and styles. For budget shoppers, Old Navy is also a great place to find a variety of loose-fitting jeans in standard and plus sizes.

3. Babydoll tops

Babydoll tops come in all sorts of styles and colors.

Bows, ruffles, puffed sleeves, oh my! After the babydoll dresses of spring 2021, babydoll tops are popping up everywhere for fall. Based on the style trend of the 90s, the shirts are feminine and flirtatious and often have a loose fit that compensates for tight jeans or leggings.

This tiered model from Shein comes in a rainbow of fall colors and has thousands of 5-star ratings, while this cute one from Nordstrom comes in pretty prints like plaids and flowers.

4. Workout clothes

The Halara Dupe (right) looks very similar to the popular Outdoor Voices training dress.

Regardless of whether you want to go straight from the spin course to brunch without having to change your workout, or you want to skip the workout entirely – no judgment!Workout clothes are made for the lifestyle on the go. It all started with the first floor from Outdoor Voices. Our health and fitness editor is obsessed with the brand’s workout apparel – along with thousands of other fans – that has built-in shorts and is constantly selling out.

However, if you don’t want to spend $ 100 on the Outdoor Voices version, this is the Halara impostors is just as popular and costs just $ 50. While both options are summer-friendly, you can simply wear a cardigan or denim jacket over it to bring the dress into fall.

5. Combat boots

Pair combat boots with anything from jeans to a dress.

Boots are perennial the Autumn footwear. But how do you choose a style that goes with every outfit? Thanks to the new fad of raised combat boots, there is a unique solution. Partly robust combat boots, partly elegant Chelsea boots, these are just as trendy as they are practical.

Grab a pair of chunky heels from the famous Dr. Martens, known for their high quality materials and durable construction. Or, opt for a playful, textured pair from fast-fashion retailer Shein – this $ 40 pair has more than 10,000 rave reviews and comes in a number of flavors including suede, crocodile skin, and patent leather.

6. Cottage core

The cottage core aesthetic can carry over to your clothing as well.

Characterized by whimsical floral patterns, soft pastel tones, flowing dresses and crocheted sweaters, Hut core is a trend that will continue in the fall. Get on board with the hugely popular Nap dressthat one of the reviewed writers raves about is the best she’s worn in the past few months. It comes in a range of styles and prints so there is sure to be something to suit your taste.

For cooler autumn mornings or evenings, make yourself cozy with this oversized cardigan from Free People. It conjures up images of crackling log fires, a hot cup of tea and the rolling hills of the English countryside.

7. Midi dresses

The midi dress creates a nice balance between mini and maxi.

Similar to the Nap Dress look from Cottagecore, midi dresses are an autumn basic for almost every occasion. The longer calf length offers more protection than summer mini dresses, while the typically light material protects you from overheating on sunny autumn afternoons.

This option from Madewell has a dainty sunflower print and a trendy stepped silhouette, while this slim one from Target looks just as good under a thick sweater with lace-up boots as it does with a leather jacket and block heels.

8. Craftcore

Etsy is a treasure trove of handmade clothing and accessories.

Craftcore is another big trend we’re going to come from Tick ​​tock. If you got into crocheting or knitting during quarantine, now is the perfect time to put your skills to the test. But if you haven’t, fear not – many retailers offer handmade (or handcrafted)esque) Pieces that are great for covering this season.

Take this rainbow colored cropped cardigan from Urban Outfitters for a playful touch to your outfit and can be buttoned up or worn loosely. Or, opt for this custom pearl bracelet from Etsy, which has over 1,000 rave reviews from buyers.

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