Marijuana cultivator maker plans to open in Wareham


WAREHAM – A marijuana grower and product manufacturer plans to open in the two-story former Sears facility on 3119 Cranberry Highway that is already an approved location for a separate marijuana retailer.

Trava Inc. will rent 11,835 square feet of the building for the facility, which will employ 10-15 people, with local residents being preferred.

Trava Inc. is facing the Zoning Board of Appeal for a special permit and a review of the site plan. A public hearing took place on Wednesday and the ZBA is expected to make a decision at its next meeting on September 22nd.

The site has 73 parking spaces as well as other existing shops.

Attorney Philip Silverman, who represents Trava, said that its facility will include a reception area and some grow rooms on the first floor, and the second floor will be essentially all of the grow rooms.

The safety measures are just as extensive as the odor control measures in accordance with government regulations. The company also pays the city a 3% surcharge. Silverman said there will be no retail sales from this company’s website.

Nature’s Medicine, which has a location in Fall River, was approved for another part of the building as a marijuana retail store in 2019. It will be opening on the site soon, according to its website.

Silverman said there was no connection between Trava and Nature’s Medicine. He said they were completely separate companies.


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