Luxe Tresses: A mother-daughter business is redefining luxury hair


Luxury hair brand Luxe Tresses is a female company. Founded as a result of four different hair journeys that all found the same solution, the brand now empowers women to embrace curls, curls and kinks.

Luxury hair is a buzzword in the hair industry, which has often put frizzy locks and curly hair aside in favor of straight hair. Luxurious curls Redefines space by showcasing the beauty and luxury of all hair types. The brand is dedicated to empowering women to embrace their natural curls.

Luxe Tresses is a dynamic triple threat, Women-, family- and Black-owned businesses which combines the training and experience of its strong female CEOs as well as mother-daughter hair journeys, all spanning different hair textures. In a space where naturally curly, tousled and kinky tresses have historically not found the best reception, brands like Luxe Tressess are working to change the narrative and show that every hair type can be luxurious. Luxe Tresses does this by offering luxury hair extensions and wigs for women.

The genesis of Luxe Tressess begins with four very different hair journeys that all came to the same conclusion. The S’s of Luxe Tressess, Deirdre (CEO), Jon (COO), Jordan (PR) and Jayde (Social Media Director) realized that their own locks had to be cut, bleached, relaxed, straightened and even hidden throughout their lives. They explain that this journey also extended to buying extensions that they believed were better than their own curly and curly tresses, resulting in them spending a lot of money and effort on hair extensions that didn’t reflect, who they really were. With a renewed perspective and a creative approach to defining beauty for themselves, they realized that the hair textures that naturally adorn them and so many other women are truly luxurious curls. Luxe Tressess is determined to continue breaking down barriers and removing scars that tell us that tangled and frizzy locks aren’t pretty. “Defining our textures as luxurious is our ultimate goal.” To that end, the ladies started offering luxurious hair extensions that are perfect for textures 3a-4c. Coming soon, the Luxe Tresses Premier Loc Journey Kit includes tailored bundles, crochet hooks, clips and instructions to start your personal Loc Journey.

Given their in-depth understanding of everyday hair struggles like frizzy locks, Luxe Tressess guarantees 5 star quality with its luxurious hair extensions that enable women to look good, feel good and be confident. Besides providing luxurious hair extensions, Luxe Tresses educates its customers about the history of black hair. If you haven’t already, check it out on Instagram luxury.tressesatl. We firmly believe that Luxe Tresses is not just in the business of selling hair extensions, but is in fact the long-awaited catalyst for change, rewriting the black hair narrative in the luxury niche.

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