Lost Origin Part 2: Types of Grass



September 2022, Pokémon trading card game released the second main series set of 2022. The expansion, Sword & Shield – Lost Origincame out on September 9, 2022. It is the eleventh set among the Sword & Shield Banner and is the first to feature the Lost Zone mechanic, which appears as a teal and purple aura around certain Pokemon. This appears on standard cards, holos, VS, VSTARs, and even trainer cards. The Origin Forme Giratina Theme Sword & Shield – Lost Origin continues both Radiant Pokémon and the Trainer Gallery, a special subset of Character Rares, Character Super Rares, Full Art Trainers, and Black & Gold VMAXes that began in the first set of the year, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars. Follow me on a journey through this latest set as we appreciate the artwork, discuss the card’s place in the set, and talk about what certain elements of the expansion could mean for the future of Pokémon trading card game. Today we continue with the Grass types Sword & Shield – Lost Origin.

Maps of the Lost Origin. Recognition: Pokémon trading card game

Today’s card trio showcases an intriguing array of artistic styles and techniques. Yuka Moriian accomplished mixed media artist who contributed to the Pokémon trading card game has been using clay sculpting and photography for this incredible Seedot card for years. Artist AKIRA EGAWA provides a stunning illustration for Phantump that has me quite excited for the Halloween season Pokemon GO. Finally we get more mixed media with Blipbug, created with photography and crochet by Asako Ito. Both Morii and Ito’s work also seem to use handmade backgrounds, which is such a fun aspect of this art. I already love the variety of styles in this set.

Stay tuned for the rest of the journey through Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Lost Origin. Next time, the spotlight will continue with more cards from the main body of this themed expansion.

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