Lined up in style


BAGS are not only a necessity but also a fashion accessory, a must-have in this modern era. They come in a plethora of styles, shapes and sizes for every occasion.

A crochet lover turns her passion into a business and crafts elegant crochet bags with intricate knots that look simply stylish. Their bags have a sophisticated look and are so detailed that they can even pass as being made by a famous bag brand.

The bags are handknitted by 44-year-old Lo Shuk Fui under her Crotchet My Hobby label. She patiently knits each knot to create bags in a variety of styles including tote bags, crossbody bags, bucket bags and many more.

The bags are made from hand-knitted yarn from the Hamanaka brand (from the Eco Andaria series) from Japan.

This eco-friendly yarn is thin, light and has a smooth texture as it is made from wood pulp normally used for paper. This makes each bag soft, flexible and easy to carry.

Stylish and simple

Gone are the days when crocheted bags only came in oversized and unwanted shapes, mostly just for taking to the beach. Now modern crochet artists have breathed new life into these bags, upgrading them for today’s urban and trendy consumer.

“My bags have a clean and simple design and are lightweight and versatile for everyday use and all other occasions,” said Lo.

While the designs are fashionable and chic, the colors are attractive too. Their bags come in a range of pretty colors along with handcrafted leather straps and are tanned on-site using natural vegetable dyes.

“The colors are more earthy and sometimes in contrasting color with the high-quality tanned leather straps,” Lo said.

Previously, Lo had knitted everything from amigurumi dolls to clothes as a hobby. Then she had the idea to explore knit bags instead.

“Basically, I make everything except hats and bags [suddenly] became famous. So I spend most of my time creating bags,” said Lo.

Endless Possibilities

For Lo there are no limitations or limitations when it comes to crafting the design, shape and style of the bags.

“Bags are easy to pair with anyone without worrying about the size and fit of their garments,” Lo said.

Also, she thinks bags are a good gift for others, especially women, since most women love their unique bags.

“When it comes to making bags, I can crochet [different] A shape and size that I like and want without having to worry about it fitting,” Lo said.

Lo spends about six to eight hours knitting a medium-sized bag using simple and basic repetitive sewing techniques, which is actually a difficult and labor-intensive task.

“The consistency of the stitches is the hardest part of crocheting the bag,” explains Lo. “Consistency in the shape and size of each knot or stitch is important to ensure the bag has a balanced shape.

“In addition, every new design, every new shape and size is a challenge due to the different number of stitches.”

Love for Crotchet

Her passion for crocheting was sparked at a young age.

“Crochet knows no borders. I can create anything, anywhere. Crocheting and knitting are very handy, I just need a needle and yarn,” says Lo, who is passionate about her hobby of knitting.

“I started doing this when I was still in secondary school. My aunt gave me a knitting needle and some yarn. Not long after that, despite my lack of knowledge, tools and access to quality yarns, I turned to crotchet,” said Lo.

For Lo, crocheting was a very therapeutic exercise.

“Trial and error is the order of the day. It’s not easy as it takes both skill and patience, but I still enjoy doing it because I believe the challenges you go through help you learn more,” added Lo.

The price of each bag ranges from RM250 to RM700 for a bespoke design depending on the size, pattern and material.


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