Les Benjamins will be racing for spring/summer 2023


During Milan Fashion Week, Bunyamin Aydin, Creative Director of Les Benjamins, unveiled a Spring/Summer 2023 collection inspired by the western design codes of horse racing and the dressage of its eastern ancestry, aptly titled “The Horse of the East”. .

Divided into chapters, the collection explores two distinct concepts within the world of horse racing: the engineering of racewear and the intent behind the ceremonial attire. Under the first theme, Les Benjamins presents a range of Mem’s bomber jackets and knee-length shorts reminiscent of constructions associated with the typical jockey uniform, as well as matching maxi skirts and small tops for women’s fashion. Meanwhile, the latter manifests itself in a range of hand-crocheted pieces in neutral and vibrant tones, as well as accessories inspired by horseshoes and tassels.

“When I lived in Dubai I was in Business Bay and my house was very close to Meydan where all the big horse races are held. lamia [my partner] always told me about her childhood and how she was inspired to dress up for the horse races she competed in and create custom pieces for,” said Aydin. “It’s like a fashion show, everyone dresses up.”

“That’s why I called the collection ‘The Horse of the East,'” he added. “It’s a mysterious approach to who and what the horse is and what it’s all about. The horse race and the ceremony.”

Luxuriate in the Les Benjamins SS23 collection above.

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