Labor Day weekend at the Farmers Market


There’s something about the start of the school year that makes people think of the change of season. September and Labor Day are just around the corner, but it’s still hot and muggy during the day. Perhaps it’s the occasional chilly night with chilly carryover into the early mornings that evokes thoughts of fall, but it’s summer for almost another month.

Of course, we might just want the summer and the heat and humidity that comes with it to be over. We recognize the shorter days, noting the end of summer children’s activities, the school buses on city and country roads at a reliable interval, the return to the rhythms of the ‘non-summer’. And there is evidence of a decline in food crops; The pumpkins in my garden have just turned from green to orange, and there are “winter” pumpkins available at the market. Some apples ripen in mid-summer, but we largely associate them and their related cider with late summer and fall, with cool temperatures and storage to combat the winter’s lack of opulence. This is the time to save up for the long winter…freezing, canning, dehydrating, and storing in cold basements.

According to, “Labor Day honors the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday of September. It was created by the labor movement at the end of the 19th century and declared a national holiday in 1894.”

Its history encompasses the efforts of labor movements and unions to make work environments less dangerous and to promote fairer pay and benefits – issues that unfortunately have not been outdated in the last century. As it is Labor Day weekend, the market is expected to be busy as our dedicated vendors work throughout the week preparing their wares for Saturday’s event. And the Bluegrass Ramblers perform from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (sponsored by the Fayette County Travel and Tourism Bureau).

And welcoming our community guests for this week: Indigo Roots Yoga and Wellness Studio and Thresholds, LLC. Tina Berk, owner of Indigo Roots, will be sharing the upcoming fall class schedule and workshops with you – and because “yoga is for every body,” she’ll also be giving away a chance to win a free Gold Pass worth six studio classes! Shannon Jacobs, co-owner of Thresholds, will provide information on the fledgling company and its exciting upcoming events such as SoulFest, the established immersive wellness retreat taking place September 16-18 in New Holland. Join us with Indigo Roots and Thresholds – enter to win the raffle and enjoy some delicious keepsake cookies.

The market is open on Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It is located in the municipal parking lot at the corner of South Main Street and East East Street in Washington, CH. SNAP EBT Food Benefit Cards and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted. Those who use the SNAP EBT card for grocery purchases will receive corresponding Produce Perks tokens ($1 for $1) that apply only to fruit, veg, and food-producing crops. So “buy one, get one” for up to $25 EVERY market day. Five-dollar coupons will again be available to Fayette County Farm Bureau members at every Saturday market; These can be spent on both the Wednesday and Saturday markets.

The following is a list of vendor names and products expected to be lined up this Saturday. Other providers may also participate.

DSC Produce Farm (Darren helmsman): Salsas (including mango, pineapple, black bean, and corn) and dressings Bacon Ranch Dressing Tasting.

Engeti (Alana Walters): Bakery goods including bread, cinnamon rolls, buns, cakes, tarts, cookies.

Edlynn’s Attic (Robin Dement): Hand knitted baby hats with fur pom poms, fingerless gloves, knitted baskets and acrylic and alpaca yarn. Chocolate chip cookie mixes and brownie mixes from Shelbee’s Dry Mix Company.

Gerhardt’s (Kevin Gerhardt): seasonal products.

Green & Green (Katrina Busch): Baklava. Horse chestnuts (the peanut butter kind). Strawberry (special) jams, local honey, sourdough crackers. Seasonal produce including green onions, leeks, garlic, beets. Coriander seeds for autumn/winter crops.

Jim’s Premium Ground Beef (Jim Hobbs): Premium ground beef in assorted packs (patties, bulk tubes).

Julie G’s Cookies (Julie Greenslade): Chocolate Chips, Sugar, Pineapple, Oatmeal Raisins, Snickerdoodle, Ginger, Peanut Butter Cookies, Peanut Butter Fudge, Lemon Bars, Salted Caramel Butter Bars and Peanut Butter Jumbos.

Small courtyard flowers (Eicher family): Seasonal fresh cut flowers on stems or bouquets.

Lorre Black Umbrellas (Lorre Black): Umbrellas that match your personality, the personality of your friends and family. With every umbrella you buy, you help your community by helping the LBU build our own umbrella avenue in the WCHO.

Persinger Produce and Cottage Foods, The Jam Man (David Persinger): back in stock this week: CANNED GINGER PEARS and PEACH FLAMINGO. Apple Butter, Jams: Currant Affair (a blackcurrant jam with a dash of redcurrant), strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, pineapple, pineapple habanero, peach, peach habanero, blueberry, cherry, black raspberry, blackberry, seedless blackberry , Red Raspberry, Red Raspberry Jalapeno and Strawberry Jalapeno. JELLY: Elderberry and hot pepper jelly. Jam with no added sugar: triple berry, plum, blueberry, seedless blackberry. Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake with or without Pecans and White Texas Sheet Cake.

PPCF & S. Plymouth Raw Honey) (Julie & Dennis Mosny): Local Raw Honey and Macintosh Apples! Baked goods include apple, cherry, black raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb, and peach pies. Iced Pumpkin Cookies, Bun Bars, Cinni Minis, and Cinnamon Buns.

Rural Beans Roastery LLC (Kameron Rinehart): Assorted freshly roasted coffee – beans and ground.

Slate Hill Farm & Orchard (Greg, Carmen & Joe Hood): apples. Varieties now available include: Gala, Fuji and Crimson Crisp. Coming soon (mid-Sep) Enterprise.

Sulfur Leak Treasures (Christina Skaggs): earrings sale!

Wood designs by DW (Debbie Welch): Unique handmade wooden items – birdhouses, signs, tables, gnomes. Crochet items such as kitchen towels, oven mitts, oven mitts, booties and blankets. Accepts customer and special orders.

Your Other Mom’s Kitchen (Don & Sara Creamer): Baked goods including homemade breads and muffins. sewing craft.

Bridge View Garden (Hunter & Lorelle Rohrer): Seasonal produce like red raspberries, cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, green beans and winter squash. Homemade bread (yeast, savory and sweet) and rolls.

Cheryl’s Country Crafts (Cheryl Braun & David Stewart): Wood crafts, signs, handmade fall wreaths. Accepting Special Orders.

Cozy Baby Blessings (Nancy Cutter): Wax melts, pens, crocheted tea towels, scouring pads and shower stools. Baby essentials like crochet blankets and hats, flannel receiving blankets, burp cloths, cuddle toys and bunny ear teethers, silicone dishes, teethers and pacifier clips.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Local pumpkins have turned from green to orange.


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