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Win a gold medal at the Olympics one minute, knit a full cardigan the next. As it turns out, there is little that Tom Daley cannot do.

The Olympics are a sublime, nebulous thing for most. The honor of being there – let alone reaching the podium – carries the same unbelievable mystique as, for example, winning an Oscar. Actor on Broadway. Earn Michelin stars. It is a statistically improbable achievement, reserved for a microscopic part of humanity who somehow managed to shape an intoxicating combination of personal talent, courage and sheer will. Not to mention a healthy dose of Lady Luck. A perfect storm.

Despite the lingering memory of the pandemic, which becomes clear with every wide-angle pan showing a stadium with no spectators, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics also provided the setting for good luck. The historic victory of Hong Kong’s own Cheung Ka-long – the city’s first gold medal in a quarter of a century; the very first in fencing – triggered a city-wide wave of “Hurray!” sounds to this day. Just like the double silver wins from swimming star Siobhan Haughey, also a first for the city, and Hong Kong’s latest bronze wins thanks to the women’s table tennis team and Grace Lau in karate.

Another bright ray of sunshine in a dreary, impossible moment in history? Brit Tom Daley is one hell of a sport. Daley – Olympic synchronized diving champion, husband, father, and all-round heartthrob – adds another step to his list of sizes: a very talented knitter.

In another part of They’re Just Like Us: Celebrity Edition, Daley’s enthusiasm for knitting – tirelessly documented on a dedicated Instagram: @madewithlovebytomdaley – is likely out of the same turmoil that befell the rest of us during the pandemic. You know when you decided that it is a good idea to start gardening; bind die. Make baking sheets from sourdough after sourdough.

But as expected with a literally Olympian, Daley is doing better. His cardigans, dog sweaters, and even tiny cat couches are beautiful as a picture, and utterly worthy of the same maddened fervor we had when we all flocked to the How To: Knit YouTube videos after Harry wore styles the Patchworked, TikTok famous JW Anderson cardigan.

Well, for those who think they do could be as good to knit as an Olympic gold medalist – well, the first step is always the hardest. These following kits will help you.

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