Kid Cudi Debuts Bespoke Givenchy Pieces on To the Moon Tour


When it comes to bold fashion moments, Kid Cudi rarely disappoints.

The multi-Hyphenate took the stage this week and turned heads Givenchy fit, especially for his To the Moon Tour, which kicked off in Vancouver on August 16th. Among the custom pieces, which were apparently “remixed” by Cudi himself, was a longline cardigan with “To the Moon” written on one sleeve and a large Cudder portrait on the back. He also donned pink pants with a jackal lantern basketball pattern.

Cudi shared close-up photos of the outfit on social media on Saturday, announcing his upcoming collaboration with Givenchy’s creative director.

“My good friend and genius Matthew Williams had me remix a few tracks to make this custom fit for my shows,” he wrote. “We’re making a special t-shirt to celebrate the tour, which is next month.”

Cudder went on to say that he and Williams plan to host a reunion in New York around the time of his September 12 Brooklyn show. He is yet to reveal more details about his collaboration with Givenchy, but promised fans that additional information will be “coming soon”.

The Givenchy pieces feature the work of New York-based artist Josh Smith, who began collaborating with Williams in 2021. After meeting through William’s friend – Marlene Zwirner, a gallery manager at David Zwirner – the pair created a range of colourful, handcrafted pieces inspired by Smith’s paintings and ceramic work. The collection included everything from crocheted sweaters and screen-printed jeans to bio-resin bags and baseball caps.

“I went to Josh’s studio and stayed there for a couple of weeks. We hung out, listened to music, he showed me his work and things that inspired him,” Williams said Fashion last October. “I showed him fabrics and materials and projects that inspired me and that I had dreamed of. I love how honest his work is and how obsessive it is to paint the same subject over and over again. He has his own way, a really efficient way of working, drawing from the environment around him. It’s so structured and American; that’s something I really connect with.”

The To the Moon Tour continues in Oakland on Sunday and will include stops in Dallas, Miami, Toronto and Chicago.


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