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With a lead of just 754 units, the group around Carlos Tavares overtakes the Germans: the manufacturer who sold the most cars in 2021

Record in 2021 for Stellantis. According to the analysis company data forcethat Manufacturer formed from the merger of Fiat, Chrysler and Psa it was number one in sales in Europe last year, overtaking the group Volkswagen. Stellantis registrations were 3,161,594 versus Volkswagen’s 3,160,901. A challenge for the last number that saw the victory of the group led by Carlos Tavaresonly 754 units ahead of the Germans.

Commercial vehicles weigh

In the count Commercial vehicles have made a difference. In fact, Stellantis registered 2,438,891 cars and 722,702 light commercial vehicles in 2021 versus Volkswagen’s 2,950,256 cars, which counted only 210,583 units between trucks and vans. Figures that have allowed the Italian-French-American group to reverse what it did in 2020, a year dominated by Volkswagen with 3,259,039 units. The result of Dataforce search was obtained taking into account the sales of 31 countries of the old continent: 27 nations of the European Union with the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

The followers

The main burden was the result of the German group the semiconductor crisis, which brought Volkswagen’s sales to their lowest level in the last ten years. The remaining ranking sees third place the alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi(1,414,430 cars and 374,509 commercial vehicles), fourth place for Hyundai-Kia which weathered the chip crisis better than others with 1,020,867 units (1,018,369 cars and 2,318 vans and trucks) and Ford took fifth place with 886,812 units (558,932 cars and 327,880 light commercial vehicles).

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