How to properly style a bucket hat


There are many ways to add a bucket hat to your outfits based on your unique style. For example, if you prefer a beachy look, wear a bucket hat with your bathing suit the next time you go to the beach (via who wears what). Or, if you’re trying to stay warm in cooler weather, wear a stylish bucket hat in the same color as your cardigan. Additionally, if you want to add a more daring edge to a minimalist outfit, pair a colorful, glittery or patterned bucket hat with a neutral look for a bit of pizzazz. Style tip: If you want to complement your wardrobe with tropical prints, look out for a bucket hat with these summery prints.

Now is the time to start shopping if you want to buy a bucket hat! Corresponding Byrdieone of the best bucket hats available is the Madewell short brim bucket hat. This lightweight, neutral piece made entirely of cotton makes an excellent Gateway bucket hat if you’re trying to catch the trend, and it’s selling for just under $30 at Madewell. For those who prefer a quirky crochet look, Byrdie also recommends THE BIGGEST crocheted bucket hat for grandma, which contains various patches with unique patterns. You can buy it from W Concept for just under $90.

So, are you ready to rock bucket hats?


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