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Emily Davies lives her life stitch by stitch.

Davies is known as “Hooked Hazel” by her 36,000+ followers on Instagram and her website’s daily blog. She is a crochet magician who creates countless patterns and most recently found recognition in a special publication with almost two dozen crocheted Harry Potter items.

Davies is a hometown girl who grew up in Hiawatha and lives with her husband Austin and their daughter Allera, who will be a freshman at Hiawatha High School. Her daughter is one of her favorite models for the clothes she makes, and she also helps her mother take photos for the Hooked Hazel Instagram and blog on Davies’ website.

Davies, a daytime accountant at Hemisphere GPS, focuses on her crochet hobby in her free time. But it has become so much more than a hobby. Hooked Hazel is a full time business in itself. Since inventing the concept in 2017, which had a funny alliteration in the name with a crochet hook in mind, the business has expanded by leaps and bounds.

Davies started crocheting as a hobby to relax and create fun items like hats and scarves for himself, but then as the news spread, she started selling items locally, on Etsy, and at some local festivals.

Fast forward to 2021 and Hooked Hazel has a website, Instagram, blog, and is part of a worldwide group of crochet patterns creating and selling. She also has several sponsorships with yarn companies to regularly design patterns, which has now become her passion.

“It was just going at a good pace until 2020 and then things exploded,” she said. “I did the local sale and then decided it would be more lucrative and fun to design and sell samples.”

When Davies entered the world of crochet pattern design, she first began making items just for herself that were more of a one size fits all, such as hats and scarves.

“I just write down instructions as I do things and then share the patterns with others in the crochet community to try them out,” she said. “We share patterns and give each other tips.”

When she mentions the “crochet community,” Davies is literally talking about thousands of people.

While crocheting might be something that connects a person with a grandmotherly type, Davies said it’s a pastime that has gotten going again. Her 36,000 followers give her faith.

“Knitting and crocheting were booming during the pandemic,” she said. “So many people were stuck at home and just wanted to learn something new.”

At the time, Davies said that she noticed that Hooked Hazel’s followers were growing tremendously and suddenly she was knee-deep in the world of patterning and sponsoring yarn companies for her designs that expanded to include garments.

Among those sponsorships was a deal with Crochet.com, which was their first major contract and ambassadorship in 2020.

“I’m enjoying it. I’m pretty good at what I can realistically do, but sometimes I was overwhelmed,” she said.

Another opportunity arose earlier this year, right on Davies’ Crochet Alley, and included a trip to Diagon Alley and the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

A fellow crochet colleague, Lee Sartori, was commissioned by Warner Brothers to put together a book of special crochet patterns for a book called Harry Potter – Crochet Wizardy – The Official Harry Potter Crochet Pattern Book.

“They wanted a big group, so she started a call for entries and reached out to me personally over a year ago because she knows I love Harry Potter,” Davies said.

She made a sketch of her design, which was a crocheted blanket, and gave details of the colors, dimensions, and the type of yarn she would use. Davies said she was delighted when her design was accepted by the publisher.

The book is complete and contains nearly two dozen patterns for a variety of Harry Potter designs. Another exciting day came when Davies saw her design do the cover – the litter is pictured in the upper left corner. While Davies has a review copy for herself, she said people can pre-order the book on Amazon, and it will be available at other major retailers in August.

Another of Davies’ favorite projects is the barn ceiling she designed. She posted a quilt design on social media for each local barn and received multiple submissions. She found one just outside of Hiawatha and designed her barn ceiling for it.

What does the future hold for Hooked Hazel? Davies said that she would like to continue to focus on her passion for creating clothes. She makes patterns from XS to 5X because she wants women of all body shapes and sizes to be able to make and enjoy their clothes.

“I love designing the clothes and wearing them to my daily job,” said Davies.

Davies said she also loves making scarves in different designs and colors, and has even designed some hybrids – a cross between knitting and crochet called Tunisian crochet.

She tries to post on her blog and Instagram daily to keep people busy and see what others are doing too. With around 75% of the majority of her projects sponsored by yarn manufacturers, she plans to continue expanding her designs and presence in the world of crochet design.

Find Davies, also known as Hooked Hazel, on Instagram @hookedhazel where she posts that she is “coffee and yarn obsessed”. You can find her Etsy shop, where she not only offers sewing patterns for purchase but also some for free, her daily blog and much more Hookedhazel.com/lets-talk/. She can be reached by email at [email protected]


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