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Symptoms include hard knots on the side of your feet, hard or swollen skin, and your big toe pointing toward the other toes, according to the NHS.

In 2018, the Duchess said she “screamed in agony at the end of the day” after wearing heels.

According to Sole Bliss, she also said that she had to stop wearing heels because of the pain.

She said: “That’s just one thing I have to accept.

“I’ve dropped to two inches – more is not possible.”

However, now Camilla has specially designed shoes that allow her to stand and walk in heels all day long.

The Duchess has 11 pairs that she uses in public engagements.

Her favorite pair reportedly cost £149 and have been recycled 80 times since June 2018.

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The Duke revealed he suffered from bunions last year in a photo with his wife Megan Markle.

According to podiatrists, his condition is likely a result of his service in the armed forces and being on his feet for many hours.

Sole Bliss has sent two pairs of their Miracle Trainers to Harry, the company said. They cost £189 and will be available in 4 colours.

Alternatively, the Duke could follow the lead of his wife, who also has the condition, and have bunion surgery.


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