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Joseph Smith, artist, discusses the subject of his painting of young women being anointed with corn. The bright colors represent aspects of the natural world.

Las Vegas galleries are full of hidden treasures that lie open. Stunning art in all imaginable forms. Vast landscapes, sculptures created so intricately that they seem to move, photographs that capture moments, paintings that make you smile or think, jewelry, folk art, functional art, fun art, art to make dreams come true let, all created by thinkers whose thirst for art benefits us all. These dreamers wear their hearts on their sleeves by exhibiting their work in galleries across the city.

Bernadette Maldonado is the energetic and creative manager of the Corner Art Gallery and Good Stuff at 1815 & 1813 Plaza Park. She is one of 13 exhibiting artists presenting a variety of works. The Corner Art Gallery recently celebrated its one year anniversary along with the opening of Good Stuff. The adjacent galleries complement each other and expand the exhibition space.

“This allows us to bring on additional artists and provide a workspace that includes studio photography and custom framing,” said Maldonado.

Why add more galleries to the Las Vegas art scene? From an artist’s perspective, Maldonado spoke about the benefits of more exhibition space and what the galleries she represents bring to the market and artists.

“The first thought is a ‘starving artist’. We think like an artist, so we can speak for all the artists in the gallery,” Maldonado said. “We know what it takes to make art, the heart and soul, the blood sweat and the tears in the art, the hours away from your family just to make a piece, the love in every piece of work and of course , as an artist sometimes you’re so attached to a piece that they just don’t want to sell it. Being artists ourselves, we understand and support them enthusiastically!”

The galleries are nearly full, but Maldonado said, “…we can’t seem to say no to the work of an exciting artist.”

The types of offerings you’ll find at Corner Art Gallery and Good Stuff include sculpture, photography, crochet, jewelry, pottery, paintings, quilting, drawings, mixed media, greeting cards, magnets, and prints.

Artists represented and their specialties include Scott Vail – photography, Duke Sundt – bronze sculpture, Bernadette Maldonado – mixed media, Sharon Stillwater – painting, Carolyn Vail – crochet, Emma Lujan – pottery, Faith Stone – quilting, Elaine Querry – artist, Alison Hughes -Jewelry, Lucy Finch pastel artist, Joseph Smith Jr. painting, K. Dawne Holmes artist, Estrella Encinas mixed media.

Located opposite the Plaza Hotel and adjacent to Longmire’s much-photographed entrance, the two galleries are open daily from 10am to 4pm


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