Etro Fall 2022 Promotional Campaign Review


A look back at the Etro Fall 2022 ad campaign by Etro Creative Directors Kean and Veronica Etro with photographer Henrik Purienne and models Mica Arganaraz and Sam Mallos

In a faded desert landscape, where the desolation under the sun’s rays creates the conditions for ecstatic dreams and redeeming visions, the scorched weather defines Etro’s Fashion Week 2022 campaign. Photographed by Henrik Purienne in the arid Palm Springs desert, stylist Emmanuelle Alt dresses models Mica Arganaraz and Sam Mallos for their journey through time and space.

This campaign, our last as Creative Director of Etro, is a journey to a place that is in time but also out of time. It is our way to nowhere to distant worlds, sun-kissed as far as the eye can see, strong in the nomadic and curious spirit that always drives us forward, because it is never the destination that counts, but the journey itself.”

– Kean and Veronica Etro

This four-dimensional experience, where eras merge and time is as tangible as any 3-D coordinate, is managed through the capture of transition times. Updated paisley-inspired patterns and an intricate floor-length crochet dress, as well as large collars and subtle bell-bottoms, allude to ’70s desert festival culture and fashion. The future visions of this era of space exploration and the new century ahead are referenced by a sleek version of the DeLorean car, one of pop culture’s most notorious references to time travel and its confusing implications.

Both ideas allude to travel, journeys through space and time, whether mental or physical, that leave a person forever changed. In the desert, where heat and thirst heighten the sensations and alter the state of mind, strong patterns and colors are needed to escape the power of the sun and reduce everything to dust.

Etro’s nomadic vision and sublime warm attitude are palpable in this poetic ode to space and time.

Etro Creative Director | Kean and Veronica Etro
creative agency | Studio Frank Durand
Creative Director | Frank Durand
Photographer | Henrik Purienne
Videographer | Dimitri Basil
Models | Mica Arganaraz, Sam Mallos
Stylist | Emmanuelle Alt
MU | John McKay
Casting Director | Piergiorgio del Moro
Location | PalmSprings


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