Effortless July outfits to keep you calm, cool and collected


July – also known as midsummer – is here. It’s that time of year when you’re almost always a little sweaty, and working indoor air is a commodity like the holy grail. However, it is also the season of do things: going to weddings, impromptu happy hours, jet-setting to distant places. Like it or not, you can’t take refuge indoors all season long while your beloved air conditioner is running at full blast and biding your time for the temperatures to drop. So as you venture outdoors on your calendar this July, effortless outfits will ensure you expend as little energy as possible and keep you cool, relaxed and relatively sweat-free.

Ahead, you’ll find 31 no-fuss ensembles that are sure to streamline your summer dressing routine. Some looks borrow from the super-casual nature of summer, making them ideal for lazy Sundays running errands and lazy dinners after afternoons in the sun. Others lean towards the more formal end of the style spectrum, meaning they’re worth adding to your summery going out rotation or rolodex of potential wedding guest looks. You’ll also discover an abridged breakdown of some of Summer 2022’s top footwear trends. For example, flatform shoes and fisherman sandals are two of the hottest styles of the season if you haven’t already Absolutely Worth adding to your summer to-buy list.

Read on for breezy, minimal-fuss outfit ideas to add to your seasonal rotation. Oh, and you can also buy a selection of TZR-approved items.

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Extensive drama

Let this be the month you experiment with big drama in the form of the 2022 volume trend. A top with puff sleeves, maybe even a flared peplum is a perfect place to start.

The pleated white skirt prevails

Yes, you know all about tenniscore, the sports-inspired trend that has made pleated white skirts the breakout star of Summer 2021. But just because the season is over doesn’t mean you have to quit: Keep the momentum going I’ll be wearing one all July.

A post-beach look

No need to change after a day at the beach. Stay in your one-piece and pull on a few essentials—a breezy white midi skirt, heeled sandals, and exquisite jewelry—to make the swimsuit feel more sophisticated.

orange crush

This July, try one of the leading color trends of 2022, apricot, as its vibrancy and mood-enhancing effects are inherently summery. To start, opt for a simple bright orange midi dress like this one from the always stylish Tamu McPherson.

Simple pleats

Pull-on pleated pants are a no-fuss option for cooler days or summer evenings that will love minimal dressers. Complete the ensemble with a matching pleated tank top for a simple look that makes a lustrous impression.

Ballet Core

Balletcore is exactly what it sounds like: a fashion trend that borrows the garments essential to dance. Ballet flats, tutu-like skirts, girly bows – choose what best suits your personal style and wear it this July.

fruit salad

Go beyond the stripes and polka dots and opt for fruity graphics this summer. Berries, citrus, melons, peaches, or nectarines—patterns depicting every type of fruit imaginable are maximalist, funky, and inherently wearable.

pant shorts

If you’re someone who exclusively wears cutoff jeans in the summer, this is your sign to branch out, starting with a pair of pleated pant shorts. Then, to add a casual touch to the professional bottoms, pair them with a subversive tank top and colorful mules.

Athlux for on the go

The key to wearing an all-athleisure look is choosing separates with elevated, conscious design details. For example, a sporty top with a ruffle in the front is an intriguing option that looks a little more dapper than a regular old activewear bra you’d throw on for morning Pilates.

A Basque waist

Basque waists, a Victorian silhouette that dips into a V-shape to exaggerate the wearer’s hips, is a Kendall Jenner-approved trend worth trying this summer.

Lined fun

Of course, fringes are always trendy. However, it is worth noting that 2022 will be particularly lively. So if you haven’t caught a piece with the playful edge before, now is the time.


The style signatures of the hot aughts are still dominating – surprise, surprise – the 2022 trend cycle. Get the look of the early 2000s by sporting one of the era’s most ubiquitous motifs: the butterfly.

Pucci prints

If your style is retro, a piece in the trendy Pucci print — either one from the iconic Italian fashion house or courtesy of another label paying homage — is one that should be high on your list of summer must-buy items above.

A summer scarf

Wear it as a wrap top or an elegant hair accessory – a silk scarf is one of more, if not the mostversatile pieces to have in your summer wardrobe.

Comfortable bustier dress

Style insiders have dubbed romantic bustier-style bodices as one of Summer 2022’s leading dress trends. Oh, and bonus: many of this season’s iterations feature loose ties and minimal structure, meaning you don’t have to pull yourself uncomfortably into the garment.

A mesh top

Mesh garments are ideal for summer, not only because they are trendy, but also because they provide natural ventilation to keep you cool. Layer a macramé-style tank top over a bra top, then complete the look with structured pants and strappy leather sandals.

A touch of crochet

The crochet trend isn’t going anywhere for summer — it’s just embracing playful new iterations. For example, a crocheted bag in highly saturated shades is a summer interpretation of knitting style.

An increased cover-up

If you’re a regular at the beach throughout July — or even just once for a quick day trip to a sandy beach — a luxe kaftan that doubles as a cover-up is an investment to consider.

A tonal look

Rely on the effortless magic of tonal dressing for an outfit that requires little styling effort on your part but creates a pulled together effect. A breezy dress, platform shoes, sunglasses, and a purse in similar shades are a good place to start.

Distressed denim mini

A distressed dark wash denim skirt is a grunge alternative to sleek, true blue iterations.

fisherman sandals

Don’t feel like flip flops? Opt for a strappy fisherman sandal instead this summer.

A slogan t-shirt

Unleash your inner 2000s-era Britney Spears by sporting a cheeky, post-ironic slogan tee. Remember the pop star’s forever iconic “Dump Him” ​​t-shirt moment?

Suitable for your beach bag

You can never go wrong with a matchy-matchy outfit. Consider pairing your beach bag with your swimsuit for a total beach look.

Short sleeve button up

Yes, you can wear a button-down outfit even on a muggy July day. The trick is to go for a short-sleeved style, and if possible, specifically one made from breathable cotton.

smell it

All statement dresses called: A vibrant dress with intricate and eye-catching ruffles is a guaranteed head turner.

All eyelets on you

Nothing says summer quite like a white eyelet dress. As far as styling the dress, loafers or sporty sandals are playfully unexpected shoes to consider.

Milk chocolate moment

Forget a white tank; Try one in a deep, luscious shade of brown. Its appearance will resemble decadent milk chocolate, but it won’t melt in the harsh rays of July.

Hardware shown

Looking to improve on last year’s cutout trend? A piece that shows off metal hardware in the skin-revealing slits or holes is an inspired, steampunk-esque way to keep the sultry details looking fresh.

Very Terry

Here Bettina Looney demonstrates that terry cloth is not only intended as a water-absorbing cover at the pool. You can pair luxe kitten heels with a towel-like matching set to upgrade the otherwise casual look.

Throw your own Comic-Con

You’ve heard of the newsprint trend (à la Carrie Bradshaw’s Dior dress from Sex and the City), but what about its more youthful sister pattern, colorful cartoon patterns?

A tacky kitten tee

Cat people take note: be proud this July and grab a whimsical kitty print t-shirt. Team it with bike shorts for a casual look or with a seductive mini skirt for a kitsch-meets-flirty ensemble.


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