Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s daughter Kaavia, 3, is getting a clothing line


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade (Picture: Bang Media)

At the tender age of three Kaavia James Union-Wade is already one New York Times bestselling author through childrens book, shady baby, and has more than two million Instagram followers.

The precocious prepubescent is Partnered with Janie and Jack to launch their own children’s clothing line. Union said Kaavia had been obsessed with clothes, shoes and accessories since “she could walk.”

Launched on Wednesday 2nd February 2022, the Kaavia James Union-Wade x Janie and Jack collection features bright, vibrant colors that pay homage to African culture through vibrant graphics, crochet and color block patterns.

“She was obsessed with our closets…the shoes and handbags. It’s all about accessories in my closet and in Dwyane’s closet. She literally likes to climb into his clothes racks,” Union said page six.

When asked where this infatuation came from, Union believes it came from spending the rest of her young life in quarantine.

“I think because of the pandemic, as a pandemic baby, most of her life has been spent [with] we make presses and fittings and everything in-house,” Union assumes. “So she went along with everything and was great, great. She will want to feel the materials and understand how everything works.”

The collaboration process was easy and organic. If Kaavia didn’t like the colors or patterns, Union said they wouldn’t use them.

“It was a slow, organic process. We didn’t want to be forced into anything. We wanted to make sure this is fully collaborative and truly represents Kaavia. And it does. And I’m thrilled how the clothes turned out. I’m thrilled with how the campaign turned out and it is.”


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