Cute crochet bucket hats to keep cool this summer


Photographed by HUGO COMTE

If there’s one summer accessory trend designers can agree on this season, it’s the smart and colorful crocheted bucket hat. Since Vogue We were hooked on last summer’s June/July issue, which featured Hailey Beiber wearing a pink and red knit hat.

These casual bucket hats create an effortlessly relaxed look that exudes a mix of ’90s surf chill and 2022 fashion girl aesthetic. The knitted patterns include everything from florals to stripes to wobbly triangles of waves in all sorts of bubbly color combinations, offering an endless amount of mood-boosting effects. Essentially, these hats can convey two feelings that sum up the essence of summer – a sense of freedom and joy.

Additionally, their floppy and soft silhouettes make them an ideal candidate for summer travel, wheel them into your suitcase or stuff them into your beach bag for the hassle-free. These hats work best when worn with a classic triangle bikini, ocean-soaked curls, and pearl or shell necklaces. However, they can add their playfulness to any summer outfit, from day dresses to camp shirts. Everyone from independent brands – Memorial Day, Faithfull the Brand and Gimaguas – to high-end designers have offered their own version of knitwear style this season. Trust us, you won’t want to be without a crocheted bucket hat again this summer.

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