Crochet crib and mailbox attachments at the Guiseley art project


POSTBOXES in Guiseley were redesigned as part of a community art program that also created an illuminated crochet crib.

Teacher and artist Abi James led the second major community thread project – mandala mailboxes and a crib – for the cultural year 2023 in Leeds. More than 55 residents were involved in the action.

Abi said, “The mandala mailbox attachment project was originally conceived in October in one of my beginner crochet courses.

“The group was keen to set up a collaborative yarn art project, although many feared they would not be able to participate because their skills were limited at the time. However, with time and increasing trust and competence, the concept seemed very achievable.

“I continued to teach weekly crochet classes and we formed an open community yarn arts group – Yarns Well Spun, and the work began.

“Initially, 28 beginners and over 20 participants from the local community worked together to create a crocheted poppy ornament for the Guiseley Cross for Memorial Day. It was a great success and was hugely accepted by the local community. ”

“United by this positive experience, we have continued our work to create four beautiful mandala letterbox attachments to welcome you to Guiseley in 2022.”

‘Yarns Well Spun’ is a community project that aims to inspire and delight the people in Guiseley through the art of yarn.

Abi said: “These crocheted mandala mailboxes emulate the fascinating details and bright colors of old meditative mandala patterns. Mandalas should represent fullness, wholeness and infinity and help us understand what exists beyond the world in which we live. Over 55 members of the Guiseley community helped create these four interconnected installations. We believe these mandala patterns evoke a sense of calm, represent the complexities of nature, and promote self-expression, discovery, healing, and emotional wellbeing. What better way to welcome Guiseley in 2022? Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

“Due to the great collective effort, we were also able to install a beautiful crochet heart garland at the historic Guiseley Wells site and an illuminated crochet nativity scene. All parts were funded by the Leeds2023 My World My City My Neighborhood Project and celebrate the amazing history of the cloth and wool trade in Guiseley while uniting the residents in a joint creative and artistic outlet. ”


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