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KOCHI: Ninu Jacob, a Bengaluru based mompreneur, has turned her love of crochet into a full time business. A tech geek by profession, Ninu found real joy creating accessories for mothers to doll up their babies. And around two years ago, Ninu’s tiara came into shape.

As a mother of two, Ninu knew how difficult it was to source quality baby accessories. It all started after the birth of their first child. “In 2013, high-quality baby accessories were a rarity on the market. The options were minimal too, it was either satin lace or bow. When I couldn’t find any, I started crocheting hair accessories and shoes for my 9 month old baby. What I was doing caught my friends’ attention, and later I started doing for them too. Your encouragement inspired me to start a company exclusively for baby accessories a year later, ”says Ninu.

Initially, Ninu offered crochet as home decoration. “Home decors take more time. Since the production is completely done by myself, it was a challenge to manufacture many products and deliver the orders on time. Unfortunately it didn’t start, ”she says.

The domestic company was restarted in 2018 and now has baby shoes, hair clips, headbands, tiaras, Judas needles and hairbands in different patterns and colors, all in crochet. Crochet flowers, hearts, and stars are the most common designs. “I mainly use cotton yarn. The processing of the material always emphasizes the feel of the product, ”she adds. Their designs range in size from 1.5cm to 8cm.

The collection of colorful dahlias, pastel-colored wild flowers, star flowers, flowers with French knots, primroses with hair clips, headbands, bows is not only intended for the toddler audience. Her collections can also round off the casual or festive look of an adult. “If a child can create these designs, why can’t adults,” jokes Ninu. “I started the company to appeal to grown-ups too, since there were no buyers, I focused on babies. I started promoting adults when a customer asked me if the accessories would suit her too, ”she says. Their hair ties, clips, headbands, and tiaras also have the option for adults.

With the season approaching, Tiara by Ninu will also see Christmas hair accessories. This time she will also show Christmas tree decorations. Cowbells with crocheted bow ties, pearl balls, crocheted snowflakes are now available in their online shop.

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