Craftcore is the latest fashion aesthetic to hit the market


In the last few seasons we’ve seen a resurgence of the trends of the 60s and 70s on the catwalks, bringing home-made and artisanal items back into the spotlight. Undoubtedly, details like crochet, patchwork, and embroidery have gained popularity in the fashion world, with free spirited pieces spotting all over Instagram. At the same time as these retro themes were taking over the fashion world, the younger generation TikTokers sparked a DIY movement with dead, eco-conscious and frugal pieces, and at the convergence of the two, a larger fashion aesthetic called craftcore emerged.

As the name suggests, Craftcore focuses everything with handcrafted or upcycling elements that are so much fun in summer. Some of the top themes to look out for in the market include crocheted cardigans and dresses, patchwork jackets, and spliced ​​denim. Homemade DIY videos may have popped up all over TikTok, but fashion brands are also offering their answer to the trend. “Designers like Ulla Johnson incorporate artisanal practices into their ranges to reflect the vintage references and home-made qualities that younger DIY enthusiasts are exploring on social media,” noted WGSN youth strategist Marian Park. “Other brands like SEA also highlight this craft term to transform the look into something more contemporary boho and higher quality alternatives to cottage core. Bode is also a brand that gets a lot of attention – it’s menswear, but it comes down to their handcrafted or custom resort shirts for women. “

Ahead, we’re breaking down the pillars of aesthetics – pearl detailing, crochet, embroidery, and patchwork – and bringing you the best shopping in each.


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