Clarksville Coffee Shops: Lattes and pour overs, gaming, and fish among local options


from 09/28/2021 5:00 p.m.

CLARKSVILLE, TN (CLARKSVILLE NOW) – To all coffee lovers, whether you prefer ice cream or spicy, pumpkin spice or not, there are plenty of places in Clarksville to have a cup of joe.

Yes, there are seven Starbucks locations in town, but there are also a variety of interesting local options ranging from third-wave pour-over coffee at Plumb Line to the combo gamer / café shop Respawn. Here are the Clarksville coffeeshops.

Black Rifle Coffee Company: The Black Rifle Coffee Company set up shop in Tennessee last summer. Their mission statement is: “The Black Rifle Coffee Company serves coffee and culture to people who love America.” They import coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil and roast five days a week in their facilities in Manchester, Tennessee, and Salt Lake City, Utah. They are located at 2570 Wilma Rudolph Blvd. and are open all week.

Cole’s coffee: This hidden treasure is located at 741 Madison St. in Suite B. Not only do they offer a delicious arrangement of hot and cold coffee and Boba, but they also have the most precious fish lover, Polly. They are open Monday through Saturday.

GetSome Coffee: This cafe on 3862 Trenton Road has a quaint atmosphere and friendly faces.

Coffee & tea from Lasater: This local, family-run chain has expanded to include two locations in Cleveland, Tennessee. Your beans are roasted to measure in Lasater’s warehouse and roasting center in Clarksville. In addition to coffee, single-variety teas from Rishi Tea as well as dishes and delicacies are offered. Lasater’s five locations are located at 589 S. Riverside Drive; 2250 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Suite O; 894 Highway 76, Suite 101; 651 Dunlop track; and 503 Heritage Pointe Drive. They are open every day except Sundays.

Mugsy’s coffee: This veteran-owned coffee company has two locations at 620 Dunlop Lane and 3291 Fort Campbell Blvd. Their goal is to be a home away from home for their customers or just a really great place to have a coffee.

Vertical coffee: Their name refers to the construction tool that is used to create a straight line against which everything else is measured. This applies to their mission to give each trophy the highest level of excellence. The coffee beans they roast are part of the third wave of coffee and use Clarksville’s first and only Synesso Hydra espresso machine. Their offerings include pour-over coffees and lattes with homemade syrups. You are located at 124 University Ave. and are open daily.

Ravenwood Coffee & Creations: This veteran owned cafe sells its own locally roasted coffee blend and makes all of their own syrups and flavors without the use of artificial flavors and preservatives. Herbal teas with natural and organic ingredients are also on their menu. The store also highlights local artists with handcrafted stickers, crochet items, drawings, wood burns, and more. They are also pet friendly and encourage you to grab a puppy mug or dog treats during your stay. They are located at 2609 Fort Campbell Blvd., Suite B and are open daily.

Respawn Coffee Company: This veteran-owned coffee shop and gamer coffee shop opened late last year at 208 Segler Drive in Oak Grove, Kentucky. The menu includes hot and cold coffee beverages, as well as boba. You can have a coffee and rent a private PC or VR room for your caffeinated gaming fun. They are open seven days a week.

Chris Smith contributed to this report.


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