Check out these small businesses evolving from Vizag on Instagram


Small businesses are thriving, partly because of the increasing propensity for customization and partly because of the pandemic. Thrift stores or local businesses offer unique and quality products at affordable prices, which the mass-manufacturing corporate giants don’t. Trust this list of small businesses based in Vizag and check them out on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are the Instagram handles of the small businesses based in Vizag.

#1 @wrrapunzelbyparidhimidha

Just like their creative username, they have expertise in creative gift wrapping and perfectly customized gift baskets.

#2 @hanshandmade_

This is a handmade, cruelty-free luxury brand specializing in handbags. Each of their pieces is handcrafted by artisans in the Philippines and made from ethically sourced materials. They ship all over the world.

#3 @lets_create____

Custom gift baskets, scrapbooks, cards, envelopes and other handmade products are available. For any festival or special occasion, they are ready to create everlasting memories.

#4 @surprisevizag

They plan surprises on behalf of their customers. They also arrange the decoration and take care of the photography, so the client only needs to take some time out of their busy schedule to spend time with their loved ones.

#5 @hooked.on.crochet53

Led by Farida Lokhandwala, she is a crochet expert. From tops to hats to keychains, this is a one stop shop for crochet items.

#6 @infinito_arts_and_crafts

Bhavana Vaddadi specializes in fluid and resin art. Pendants, keychains, candles, bracelets, trays, coasters and many other products are available. They also accept bulk orders.

#7 @corner_stone.cs

They specialize in a variety of scrunchies, also sell keychains, hats and are open to making a custom gift basket. They also sell hair ties in bulk.

#8 @la.vie_essence

A range of handmade accessories such as phone cases, jewellery, pet name tags and hair ties are sold. In addition, scrubs, gels and handmade cards are also available. It is an all inclusive online shop for handmade products.

#9 @gulabtribe

A local brand that works with rural artisans in India to create handmade wooden toys. This is one of the small businesses in Vizag that is an eco-friendly brand. The toys can be used as display pieces, storage boxes or gift items. They also take bulk orders.

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