Celebrate Women’s History Month with these women-owned Etsy shops


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There are many ways to celebrate Women’s History Month this March. There are two ways to learn about our pioneering foremothers and fight for gender equality. Or you can celebrate locally by gathering with and uplifting the women in your community.

Another great way to celebrate, strengthen, and support your fellow sister? Shop on Etsy from businesses run by women. Not only can you party in the comfort of your own home, but you can also enjoy new, unique, handmade items.

From jewelry to homeware to clothing, there’s no shortage of amazing women-owned businesses on Etsy. Here are some of our absolute favourites:


The Silver Lunar: Statement Earrings

(The Silver Moon/Etsy)

Selected products, clockwise from left to right:

As a lover of all statement earrings, I have visited The Silver Lunar several times now. Their wide range of earrings caters for all tastes, from small and minimalist to large and dramatic. The Silver Lunar also uses lightweight material to allow you to wear your boldest and largest earrings all day. Shipping is fast and the products are as shown.

Sioro Silver: Necklaces

Gold star necklace and gold evil eye necklace
(Sioro Silver/Etsy)

Selected products from left to right:

Siorosilver combines delicate jewelry work with unique imagery such as evil eyes, celestial symbols and more. This shop offers gold, silver and colorful options to find your new everyday necklace. Unsurprisingly, this shop earned a five-star rating for their quality products, fast shipping, and great customer service.

Pamela’sThisNThat: Body Jewelry

Various body jewelry

Selected products, clockwise from left to right:

For those with body modifications, PamelasThisNThat offers a wide variety of body jewelry. Her shop includes navy, nose, nipple, brow and lip jewelry. She also features unique gems and materials that are harder to find in local bodymod shops. Not ready for a piercing yet? PamelasThisNThat also offers fake jewelry.

MissyJewelryCo: Bracelets

Cubic Zirconia Gold Bracelet, Herringbone Chain Bracelet

Selected products from left to right:

One of my favorite places to buy bracelets is MissyJewelryCo. The dainty gold bands look feathery on your wrist, but their sturdy construction ensures comfortable, long-lasting wear. This shop has a bit of everything from timeless herringbone chain bracelets to funky snake pieces.

Clothing & Shoes

AnnLifeCrafts: Linen casual wear

Linen overalls and casual linen dress

Selected products from left to right:

The warm season is approaching – is your wardrobe ready? Ditch your wool and tweeds for breathable, airy linen. AnnLifeCrafts has a wide range of linen casual wear, from picnic overalls to casual dresses, ideal for a long, warm day of errands. All of their pieces are handmade and unique.

madameshushu: Handmade sandals

Tan Strappy Sandals, Gold Greek Braided Sandals, Black Strappy Sandals

Selected products from left to right:

Speaking of warm weather, don’t you think it’s time to retire those old Walmart sandals you’ve been wearing for the last five years? Madameshushu is an artisan shoemaker from Greece with an extensive collection of strappy sandals, mules and flats. Each pair is made by hand, so inventory is kept relatively low. But if you can snag a pair, they’re sure to become your new favorite summer shoe.

JunieMoonVintage: Curated vintage

Vintage Psychedelic Palazzo Jumpsuit

Featured Product:

I cannot sing JunieMoonVintage’s praises enough. Based in Pennsylvania, this one-woman company offers one of the best curated vintage selections I’ve seen. In fact, she manages to find the most stunning one-of-a-kind pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. From bell-bottoms and sheath dresses to kaftans and disco bodysuits, every new JunieMoon Vintage drop never fails to surprise.

lindseylovedesigns: Unique Graphic Tees

L to R clockwise: Mama shirt, Mimi's favorite shirt, Golden Rule shirt, Happy Go Lucky shirt

Selected products, clockwise from left to right:

Lindseylovedesigns is an Idaho based printed t shirt shop with an endless selection of graphic t shirts. The shop offers collections for every holiday, mothers and grandmothers, religious and secular designs and more. In addition, you can buy t-shirts for the whole family in the extensive selection of baby and children’s clothing.


3SistersCandleCo: Hand Poured Soy Candles

From left to right: coffee house, almond biscuits and white birch candles

Selected products:

Can anyone do that? Yes, really Do you have enough candles? They make functional home decor, make great gifts, and are one of my favorite impulse buys of all time. No shop can satisfy the candle craving quite like 3SistersCandleCo. Their hand-poured soy candles come in a variety of scents, from Coffee House to Almond Biscotti to White Birch.

MyLuluLoves: knitted blankets

Rainbow Knit Blanket, Lilac Knit Blanket

Selected products from left to right:

If you’re cozying up with a candle, then you might as well throw a chunky knit blanket into the mix. Can’t find time to crochet or knit an entire blanket? Neither do I. That’s why I turn to MyLuluLoves for all knitwear. Her blankets are warm, vibrant, and just the right amount of anxiety-relieving heaviness: perfection.

JenniferCraftCorner: Custom Housewares

Decorative tile on stand, personalized ring holder

Selected products from left to right:

Whether you’re looking for new accent pieces for your home or trying to find the perfect gift, JenniferCraftCorner has you covered. A SAHM of two runs this one-woman shop. However, she somehow manages to quickly dispatch made-to-order items, which many reviewers claim look even better than the pictures.

QueenofSucculents: Succulent Planters

State succulent planter, two types of succulents

Selected products, clockwise from left to right:

Some women are crazy cat ladies; others are crazy plant ladies. As much as I’d like to be both, my gardener’s thumb is a lot more black than green. If you’re like me, succulents are a relatively hard-to-kill option that will help you live out your Plant Lady dreams with minimal effort. QueenofSucculents also offers unique succulent arrangements for a touch of natural decor.

home decor

KristenBoydstunShop: Minimalist Prints

Minimalist wildflower print

Featured Product:

Minimalist prints are a great way to add something new to a room without redecorating the entire space. The neutral color palettes and subtle imagery blend effortlessly into new spaces. Artist Kristen Boydstun sells a wide range of minimalist prints in her shop, from wildflowers to beach pictures to children’s art.

PaniJurek: artificial lights

Botanical Test Tube Chandelier

Featured Product:

Alternatively, you can skip the minimalist trend and make a statement with a big, bold, handcrafted light fixture. Pani Jurek is a Polish glass artist who sells various pieces on Etsy as she makes them. She currently has two botanical test tube chandeliers for sale that are unlike anything else in your home (in the best possible way).

MakeliftStudio: metal wall and garden decoration

Copper garden decoration
(Makelift Studio/Etsy)

Featured Product:

MakeliftStudio’s distinctive copper artwork adds a whimsical touch to stately gardens and modest flower beds alike. Because of copper’s durability, you don’t have to worry about your new decor succumbing to the elements within the year. Additionally, these copper flowers act as solar reflectors to give shady gardens a much-needed boost of sunlight.

KimistyDesigns: Decorative Mirrors

Decorative Air Planter Mirror, Sunburst Mirror, Hammered Gold Moon Mirror

Selected products, clockwise from left to right:

At the risk of sounding like the Evil Queen from Snow White, mirrors are one of my favorite home accessories. You create them feeling more space, add interesting texture to a gallery wall, and yes – they’re great for last-minute hair and teeth checks; What can I say? From ultra-modern air planters to retro mid-century sunbeams, KimistyDesigns’ abstract mirrors are works of art in their own right.

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