Cedar Rapids Tik Tok creator crochet temperature blanket


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Amy Strauch has become a Tik Tok sensation with more than 11 million likes and almost half a million followers.

“I woke up on New Years Day last year. And I had about 100,000 followers, it was insane. And I just watched it. I kept updating the app throughout the day and just saw the numbers go up. And that was just totally blown, “said Amy Strauch.

In 2021, Strauch began a year-long project to crochet a temperature blanket where each row matches the Cedar Rapids average temperature that day, and updates their followers every Friday.

Not only has Amy gained a huge following on social media, she was also able to turn her passion for crocheting into a small business.

“I started selling some crochet patterns on Etsy. I also sell some ready-made cuddly toys, ”says Strauch. “It was really cool and very satisfying because I have this hobby and then I make money from it. That’s even better.”

She would never have expected the community feeling she had gained.

“I didn’t even know that so many young people were crocheting,” says Strauch.

It has inspired even more people to take up the hobby.

“How many people come up to me and say, hey, you inspired me to crochet. I think that’s so cool ”.

To find Amy’s Tik Tok page, click here. You can also shop on their Etsy page here.

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