Can we talk about Lorde’s hood, please?


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Lordes new solar power Era was aesthetically defined by the color yellow.

On the album cover she wears a yellow top from the New Zealand brand Georgia Alice. Your canary yellow ensemble from the New York brand Collina Strada im solar power Video was a splash of color against the surf, sky, and sand.

Lorde and her hood.

Lord / Delivered

Lorde and her hood.

And she has worn different shades of yellow for all of her appearances to date (including an Aussie Christoper Esber dress for her most recent GMA appearance).

It makes sense: yellow is positive, happy, optimistic, cheering, summer; all the words that have been used to describe Lorde’s new album and state of mind. Yellow is a bold statement; the confident antithesis of her teenage cherry black lipstick gathering dust in a drawer.

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(And yes, it’s also a literal interpretation of sunny “solar energy”.)

But it’s an entirely different type of garment that caught my eye, a simple symbol of Ella’s content and an introspective new era: an adorable hand-knitted hood.

Last week Lorde sent out one of their regular “bulletins” or newsletters, this time only to Kiwi subscribers; write on this “f …..

She had written most of this by March 2020 and had no ideas in the months and lockdowns that followed.

What she did was walk two or three hours a day through Tāmaki Makaurau’s Herne Bay, Westmere, the Viaduct, Ponsonby Road, Karangahape Road, Newton Road, past the Golf Warehouse; a unique Auckland experience.

“Like everyone else, Lockdown created a bunch of crazy mental health issues for me,” she wrote.

“At home I felt emo, trapped, bad for my body, but on those long, aimless walks I could feel the sun on my face and the cold, clear air flowing in and out of my lungs and squeezing my legs me forward.It felt like the hypothesis of this weird thing that I had put forward was reiterated that it was medicine or powerful magic or something like going outside.

Harry Were models their hoods.


Harry Were models their hoods.

“I came down the street to my house and felt like I was taking care of myself.”

She shared selfies from some of those walks, including one in front of a decidedly inner-city suburban mansion, her head and ears firmly wrapped in a cozy little hood.

I’m pretty sure Lorde’s hood was made by Harry Were, who is part of their clique of creative Kiwi “dream girl” friends (the couple traveled to Antarctica together, with Harry making the trip in their signature lo-fi, warm and soulful way).

In addition to working as a photographer, Harry runs a shop with local manufacturers that sells jewelry, dresses, and knitwear. Everything is very handcrafted and wholesome and deliberately local.

Harry Were models their hoods.


Harry Were models their hoods.

Her $ 190 “lockdown hats” for adult heads are made to order and “hand-knitted by Tricia” from organic merino and Romney wool from sheep that live in Central Otago.

It’s a wonderfully unexpected accessory that hints at childhood nostalgia and is inspired by vintage hats worn by literal babies.

Think of it as a stranger version of the knit or crochet hat trend of recent times, but one that is infinitely more calming.

The warm embrace of wool is also the kind of clothing comfort we need right now as our lives become smaller again in lockdown.

Turn up the volume solar power, pull up your hood and, as Harry instructs, “pull yourself tighter for a stronger head hug”.


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